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Morgan w

chemical warfare in world war 1

Stephen Spizarny

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of Morgan w


Chemical Warfare
Many think the Germans where the first to use chemical war far or deadly gas but it was actually the french.The Germans how ever the first to involve the gases in world war one.
The germans weren't the only ones to use chemical warfare in wold war one , but they did use it the most. The fist time they used launched a a gas bomb it was on Ypres on April 22 1915. They used chlorine gas.
This was the first gas to be launched by the Germans
Smell/Appearance- yellowish green color, solders said it gave of a smell of peppers and pineapple
Effects-Reacts with water in your lungs , forming something called hydrochloric acid. The acid makes you cough , vomit , and irritates your eyes.
First used- 1915
Killed- about 1,100
Mustard Gas
Smell/Appearance- Yellow brown color it gives off a smell like garlic or horseradish
Effect-Strong irritant that caused blistering to the skin, the eyes, and respiratory tract.
First Used- 1917
Kill- 3% of the people in world war 1
Tear Gas
Smell /Appearance-Colorless with a pungent , fruity smell
Effects- Irritates the membrane of the eye , mouth throat and lungs. Causing crying ,coughing , heaving and temporary blindness.
First Used-1914
Killed- 0
Phosgene & Diphosgene
Smell/Appearance- Colorless gas, has a musty odor like hay or grass.Disphosgene is a colorless, odorless, oily liquid (same feeling as coconut oil)
Effects- Combines with the proteins in the alveoi and causes suffocation, irritation to the eyes and throat. Symptoms can be delayed for up to a staggering 48h so you wont be noticing you lungs slowly filling up with water till you reach a sudden death.
Killed- Caused 85% of the gas deaths in WW1
I hope you enjoyed my prezi
Give me a good grade !
Gas masks
The gas masks worked but were not as good as the ones we have today.
WW 1
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