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To What Extent Should Globalization Shape Identity?

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Taris Breau

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of To What Extent Should Globalization Shape Identity?

To What Extent Should Globalization Shape Identity?
How Does Transportation Affect Identity
Transportation allows us to experience other cultures and countries.
Although this may affect our culture and opinions, we still have our different ones that vary from country to country.

Since people are always surrounded by media, it is sometimes difficult not to be affected by it.
People shouldn't let it take over their opinions because there is always bias in media, people have to be careful while they are watching, reading, or listening to the media.
Opinions can be based off of more then one article, but also created by the person themselves.
Media also allows us to see other opinions.

(Exploring Globalization pg. 56-57)
How Does Media Affect Identity?
Globalization is a huge part of society and everyone in the world is affected by it. Everyone has their own opinions on how, and if, globalization affects a person's identity.
It allows people to communicate with others across the globe to share thoughts and ideas. But it also may disconnect people from others that are closer to them.
How Does Communication Affect Identity?
Dimensions Of Globalization
Political: The choices made by the governments, may affect the people of that country or even other countries. This in turn can cause people to change perspectives, influencing their identities.
Social: The choices made in these other dimensions will easily affect the lives of other people.
Economic: The price of a product will affect the decision made by the customer. Leading to how much the companies get paid and how good of a quality of life some of the employees get.
Environment: If something happens to the environment, it will affect the whole world. If one country if abusing it's power and destroying the environment, it could negatively affect the rest of the world.

For example: Banana Companies. Political: Trade wars between countries affect the lives of the people who grow the bananas. Economic: The price of bananas goes down, more people buy them, meaning more money for the companies. Social: Lives are affected with what we buy or not buy in other countries. Environmental: Destroying forests for bananas would hurt animal's lives and human's.

(Exploring Globalization pg. 50-55)
Exploring Globalization Textbook
Google Images
For many reasons cultures disappear, sometimes assimilation, not enough people have that culture, etc.
People work together to promote and celebrate their cultures to take them back.
Sometimes globalization can help them, it will help getting their culture and ideas out there, but it also may be the reason that their culture was disappearing.
Four Forces of Globalization and How They Affect Identity.
Globalization is a major aspect that affects a person's identity. It is something that will keep growing, and people will always be learning about other cultures and ideas, some that they may make part of their own. In my opinion people should let globalization affect their identity a little bit, it shouldn't be a controlling factor, but it is good to experience other ideas that you may like better. You should also let your own beliefs and culture be apart of your identity.
Identity can be shaped by many factors:
role models
(Exploring Globalization pg. 20-21
Trade allows people to share foods and other products with countries around the world.
People can share an important part of their identity with other cultures. It shouldn't cause you to loose your identity, but gain something new.
ex. banana wars, trade between First Nations and Europeans in the early 1900's
(Exploring Globalization pg. 44-45, 50)
How Does Trade Affect Identity?
Technology has been used by many people around the world and has allowed communication, media, transportation, and trade to happen quicker and easier.
People are being introduced to more cultures. But at the same time they are so absorbed with the new technology that they barely see what's happening around them.
Technology in Globalization and Identity
Points of View On pg. 59 of Exploring Globalization
http://www.studymode.com/essays/Should-Globalization-Shape-Identity-696449.html : A student's perspective on this topic.
Other Opinions
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