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Digital Story

No description

Alexandra Dayton

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Digital Story

I am a part of Rainbow Girls which is a community service and leadership organization for girls. I have made a ton of friends in Rainbow and have so much fun spending time with them. Rainbow has taught me a lot about helping others and not being afraid to put myself out there. My goals for the future are: To go to college and get a doctorate to be a psychiatrist, (or possibly a lawyer)
to get married, to move to Sweden, and to get better at art. I have lived in Everett my entire life.
When I was 5, my parents adopted three boys, all with special needs. I already had two brothers so that gave me five. My parents divorced when I was 11 and my mum had another baby, a boy. I have always done well in school but I'm a perfectionist and that has caused a lot of problems for me. My strengths are: painting, drawing, sculpting... really anything art related; writing, public speaking, organization, I love to read, I'm extremely independent, and I value helping people above all else. My family is more important to me than just about anything. While we do argue and disagree on a lot of things,
I love my parents and little brothers unconditionally
(except for maybe A.J and Christian). A lot of who I am is the result of my family. My friends are also a
huge part of my life, they
make it far more fun and exiting.
It's great to always have people who are there for you no matter what and to be there for them as well. I've never
had a day with them that wasn't fun,
even if we're just
talking or watching anime
together. My mum and Cory My brothers, Austin and cory My baby brother Cory My brother Nicholas and me My brother, Noah My brother, A.J. Oil paintings by Gottfried Helnwein Malcolm Morely Painting Denis Peterson Painting Paintings byRoberto Bernardi and Steve Mills $20 oil paints $320 oil paints $80 oil paints La Source- reproduction of piece by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres My Work Cory Sara Jonathan
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