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A-Z engineering Jobs

No description

dylan garza

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of A-Z engineering Jobs

1. supersonic jets
2. helicopters
3. space shuttles
4. satellites

1. Create new medicines like insulin, which is used to help people who have Diabetes to stay healthy
Chemical engineers work for a variety of companies that use chemicals to manufacture things we use everyday.
1) Applies principles of bacteriology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and economics to develop new and improved methods in production, preservation, and utilization of milk, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products: Conducts experiments in such problems as preventing bacterial increase in milk during handling and processing, improving pasteurization methods, and designing better packaging materials, dairy equipment, or supplies
A-Z Engineering Jobs
A-Z Engineering Jobs
By: Zachary Martin and Dylan Garza
1. Plan and design power stations;
2. Develop electrical distribution grids for towns and cities;
Create new technologies such as hand-cranked radios for use in areas where there may not be any electricity

1. Manage tree harvesting
2. Design logging roads and flood run-off systems
Ensure forestry activities do not negatively impact local communities

1. Look at ways to minimize leaks in natural gas pipelines
2. Research methods for developing gas from corn for markets in Canada and the US
Evaluate the worth of new natural gas reserves

1) Clips hair from cattle or horse tails, using electric clippers, so that hair falls into container or onto
1. Figure out how to produce a GameBoy Advanced more quickly
2. Examine fish processing plants for safety
3. Oversee an assembly line at Subaru
Plan and design systems that increase productivity by improving integration of people, materials, equipment and finance

1) Places hydraulic jacks, timbers, and posts in specified locations to form roof support system in underground mine: Examines hydraulic lines and tightens connections, using wrenches.
1) Tends machines that automatically clean, dry, cut, and separate raw kapok and cotton fibers for use as pillow, cushion, and quilt filler: Removes wire and burlap from bales and pushes material into hopper of machine.
1) Cuts notches in container or bottle labels to indicate data, such as type, batch, date, and destination of product, following predetermined code: Turns setscrews to space and lock blades of notching device according to coding guide, using ruler
1. CD players
2. Nintendo and Sega game wear
3. Snowmobiles
4. Rocket engines
5. Off-road vehicles
Robots for manufacturing plants
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