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It's ME!

No description

Mollie Hiller

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of It's ME!

It's ME!
Cognitive Development
At nearly 20 years old, I am:
able to think clearly and concisely
able to put my thoughts into actions
(not that I always do, but that is normal for where I am in my life)
able to draw inferences and make conclusions from hints of information that isn't given to me straightforward
aware how I learn and study best; being in college I am forced to take my education into my own hands and keep myself on track rather than my teachers and parents
I looked up physical development of late adolescents, and they included more than just the bodily developments:
I have a greater acceptance of my physical appearance
As many girls in our generation, I still struggle with begin happy always with the way I look, but not nearly the way it was in grade school or even high school
I think that I am pretty much as tall as I am going to get, which isn't very tall; although since being in college I gained (expected) weight which is annoying but it is one of those things that is allowed to happen
I just have to accept it and move on
Transition from
Adolescence to Adulthood
I am responsible for my own actions and what influence I can and will have on others; taking note of my roles and responsibilities and fulfill them in a dutiful manner
Putting my efforts into things I am interested in, rather than just checking things off a list, I can choose what I want
I am better able to develop reasonable, stable, and real relationships with those around me
I have a set of personal morals and values that I hold myself accountable to
I have learned how to take care of myself through everyday life
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
A self-reflection by
me, Mollie Hiller
Personal Experiences Lead to Personal Growth
I am a firm believer in the idea that what we experience shapes us into who we are, how we live, and the way we are with others

For the Future...
I have high hopes for my future, but I am also am aware that just because things may not go the way I hope they do doesn't mean I can't be happy in my future.
After graduating from SLU, I hope to move out of St. Louis for some time and get a job teaching in an elementary school
Eventually I hope to move back to St. Louis where I can raise a family (not sure when or where I will meet my husband but I hope that happens too)
Thinking about my future is one of the many things (probably the biggest one) that adds to my stress and anxiety.
This encompasses so many different aspects

and fear of what there is to come
That's all! Although there is much more about me, so let me know if you want to know more :)
Spending so much time volunteering, going on mission trips, and doing other service has lead me to constantly me in a mindset of concern for others
Often a good thing but sometimes not the best thing for me
At 15 years old, facing a diagnosis that I thought would change my life forever lead me to two things...
I can trust in God and prayer can be powerful (I'm very Catholic)
I'm always able to look on the bright side of things; everything always works out in the end, sometimes it just may not see like that at first
From high school to college, so much has changed both socially and emotionally.
I was much quieter in high school, had a few close friends but we were really close and were able to come to each other for anything. Drama was not our thing; we hung quiet and low
In college, I have been able to find friends and relationships where I am just as close as I am to those high school friends, but I am also able to hold relationships with many others that may not be as close, but I know would be there for me if I need them.
Emotionally, I have developed horrible anxiety since in college, much of it is social anxiety--which doesn't keep me from hanging out and interacting with people.
I find it harder to cope with my emotions now, I do my best to reflect and journal but sometimes I need more than that so I can go to those close friends who are willing to listen and talk me through things that I turn into a bigger deal than they need to be
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