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Kenco Millicano Strategy

No description

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Kenco Millicano Strategy

Host an exhibition on the history of coffee and Kenco Millicano
Educate and provide information on sustainability and environment of coffee-producing customers
Commission a well known environmentalist, such as Duncan Stewart, to endorse the exhibition
Have a coffee tasting section at the end

Overall marketing strategy 2014
Leading the Way
Continue to lead subcategory of Wholebean Instant, and create talkability and buzz through a unique marketing promotion
Make consumers notice the brand in a new and exciting way

Build on successful Orla Kiely promotion
Educate consumer on coffee and appeal of Kenco Millicano and promote sustainability and eco credentials
Create a targeted customer driven PR strategy.

Kenco Millicano Marketing Strategy
How can Kenco Millicano continue to stand out and lead the Wholebean Instant market?

How can we ensure we capture the imagination of our target market of women over 30, with a number of strong competitors in the field?
Kenco Millicano Coffee Bakes
Join forces with respected chef such as Rachel Allen, Marco Pierre White or Clodagh McKenna, to promote Kenco Millicano
Offer coffee-flavoured macaroons, biscotti, or mini muffins endorsed by chef in attractive packaging with packs of Kenco
Offer recipe book written by chef containing coffee recipes that can be made using Kenco Millicano - eg coffee and walnut cake, coffee and pecan slices, coffee ice cream etc., at reduced price or free with several packs
Offer low calorie or healthy recipes in keeping with target audience needs

Set up coffee stands at farmers markets, food fairs, large scale events and festivals around the country (eg. Galway races) offering coffee bakes and cups of Kenco Millicano.

Business coffee mornings sponsored and hosted by Kenco Millicano, held every month in urban locations around Ireland
Idea is for entrepreneurs and people with start ups and new businesses to meet up once a month to network and exchange information
Way for businesses to promote themselves. A different company could give a short talk each month
Promote through contacting businesses directly, advertising on social media etc
Promote Kenco Millicano at each coffee morning through marketing materials, free coffee and product literature
Gain email addresses for increased contact with this cohort
To engage the female businesswoman, could focus on local artisan businesses.
The Coffee Bake Club
Many women in their 30s are looking for different ways to socialise and spend time with friends
Sign up a group of friends for the Coffee Bake Club on the Kenco Millicano website, and choose a regular day and time that suits
If you sign up you will be sent free coffee and recipe book
Kenco Millicano emails you and your friends a different recipe to bake each week
Friends take it in turn to bake the recipe and host Coffee Bake night
Participants are encouraged to post pictures on Kenco Millicano's Facebook of coffee bakes. Offer of prize for winner and runners up
Original recipe competition could also be a feature
Coffee Bake Club could be advertised on packs of Kenco, on shelf displays, on regular press ads and via Facebook and Twitter
Kenco Millicano sends regular email updates and promotions to participants. Incentives given to stay in club, recommend to friends etc.
Business Coffee Mornings
How do we make customers notice Kenco Millicano in a new and exciting way?
Viral video campaign
Viral video campaigns can promote a brand around the world in seconds and ensure the viewer is fully engaged
Work best when they appear unpolished and unlike a TV ad
Viral campaign idea:
Film a very ordinary looking person being served a cup of Kenco Millicano, then putting on a very impressive display... eg. fantastic piano/violin playing or opera singing (in keeping with the image of Kenco Millicano as sophisticated, mature, classy)
Commission a very accomplished local musician to take part and choose a very moving or dramatic piece of classical music. Keep shoot very casual, without a professional edge.
Getting behind a social campaign
In order to boost Kenco Millicano's profile as an ethical brand, why not get behind a relevant social or political campaign which matches Kenco's ethos, for example, marriage equality?
Marriage equality is very topical and would be supported by the majority of the target market
Kenco Millicano could endorse it by putting out videos on YouTube of same sex couples speaking about their relationship….with the tagline:
"Spread the love. Kenco Millicano supports marriage equality"
"Kenco Millicano, supporting marriage equality. Because there is always room in the world for more love, and more coffee. "
Could have the effect of a viral campaign but with a very purposeful dimension and sense of social responsibility.
At the end of the piece, a tagline could be added:

"World class, in an instant.
*Disclaimer: Kenco Millicano doesn’t guarantee to make you a world class opera singer in an instant, but will play its part if you play yours."

"Creating geniuses every day*
*Disclaimer: Genius talent cannot be attributed exclusively to Kenco Millicano, but it can’t ALL be a coincidence"

"Because everything is better after your Kenco Millicano"

"The world is always a better place after Kenco Millicano"

Kenco Millicano website link then given.
Building on Orla Kiely Promotion
Build on successful promotion by offering a different product free, as a deal with a Groupon voucher or at a reduced price....
Orla Kiely Coffee Cosy
Orla Kiely Sugar and Milk Set
Orla Kiely Coffee Spoons
Education, Sustainability and Eco Credentials
Video Illustration

A live video illustration by an illustrator such as Mark Flood would be a captivating way to demonstrate the process of producing and providing coffee in a sustainable eco-friendly way from beginning to end

Video could be shared on website, via social media, emailed to subscribers or used as a television ad.
Coffee Exhibition
Team up with selected charities and sponsor coffee mornings in aid of them by providing free coffee

Organisers of charity coffee mornings should sign up on Kenco website with details of coffee mornings to receive free coffee packs and literature on eco credentials of Kenco
Charity Coffee Mornings
PR Strategy
About Me
Five and a half years experience in a marketing and communications agency

Developed marketing campaigns for Cow and Gate, Aptamil, Pfizer, Novartis, Amgen, UPMC Beacon Hospital

Managed major successful projects from inception to completion for large global corporations as well as small businesses

Currently completing diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media with the Fitzwilliam Institute

Degree in Law and European Studies and Higher Diploma in Journalism and Media Communications

Thank you for your time!
Steps of a targeted PR strategy for Kenco Millicano:
Gain a thorough understanding of the Irish coffee market in 2014
Analyse previous PR strategy and establish what worked and what didn’t
Examine the competition (SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and PEST – political, economic, social and technological analysis)
Determine the market share
Outline specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound objectives for the year
Decide on media and public events for the year, eg. photo calls, launches, sponsorship opportunities, charity and community events, exhibitions, promotions, award ceremonies and competitions. Create PR strategy, press releases etc., for each one
Determine different groups to target within target market - eg. food and lifestyle bloggers, local businesses, working mothers, etc.
Evaluate and allocate budget
Determine advertising spend, including pay-per-click advertising, SEO optimisation, Google adwords, Twitter sponsored trends, as well as traditional advertising.
Award Ceremony
Host an sponsor an award ceremony for overseas volunteers and charities that work in relevant countries
Use event to showcase eco credentials of Kenco Millicano and their responsibility to local communities

Aim to procure media coverage of event.
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