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In-company skin screening

No description

Bela Horvath

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of In-company skin screening

Skin Screening

Majority of cancers can be found here
About us
Online tools
Visibility = common concerns
Frequent problems
General skin assessment
Comparative mole check
On basic skin care
On sun protection
On the significance of vitamin D
Personalized on specific skin conditions
Online appointment booking
Discrete, detailed summary of the results for the HR department
Follow-up in certain cases
Medical room
Meeting room
Our mobile clinic equipment provides privacy
Non-melanoma Skin Cancer
100,000 new cases each year in the UK
How to view this prezi?
We recommend you to set the

in the right hand corner menu.
Close up
Dermatoscopic image
Melanoma the only deadly type of Skin Cancer
10,700 new cases each year in the UK
Early stage melanoma
Recommended for the majority of employees
Recommended for high risk employees
MelanomaMobil is an
skin cancer, mole check and melanoma screening clinic in London Harley Street,
founded in 2005.
The service is based on a
unique mole-mapping technology
where each and every mole is recorded and assessed by two separate specialists. Once the follow up consultation has been completed every mole is compared to its previous state in our evaluation centre. In this way we can judge the biological behaviour of the moles and detect changes that might reveal potential malignant transformations invisible to the naked eye.
By mid 2013 we had carried out
over 46.000 screenings
(of which, were 21,000 for corporations). We detected more than
150 cases
of early stage melanomas and more than
500 cases
of skin cancer.
Amy's story
has been
by the sun
has many
She came for her
first mole check

in June 2010
A detailed
mole map
was made
Among the many moles there was an
At our evaluation centre after the second specialist assessment
we recommended a 6 months follow-up
because of other irregular moles
She came back for the
follow-up examination
in December 2010
(6 months later)
She left reassured and
with peace of mind
There was a
silent killer
on her body
Invisible to the naked eye
during the examination
Here comes our
detailed mole map
And the
second specialist assessment
at our evaluation centre
With the
comparative analysis
we were able to detect this slight change
The removal of the
changing mole
was recommended
…of course it wasn’t a mole. It was an
early stage melanoma
We have saved a life again
The first image
6 months later...
First image
6 months later...
Regular screenings for corporations in
66 multinational companies
, including:


BNP Paribas
British American Tobacco
British Telecom
, HP,

Procter & Gamble
Mary O'Halloran
Nurse Case Manager
vielife & WELL, London
Global leaders in health solutions
November 2011
"I received an email from one of your patients today stating what an excellent service you
had provided and that you were very professional and calm. I am already receiving enquires as to when you will be back!!"
"Thank you the excellent report which the Wellness Team at vielife are very impressed with.
It really does show the value of skin screening in the workplace and early intervention. As we know people do not always see their GP with what they term ‘minor skin complaints’ until it starts to concern them or other people comment. I know from staff I have spoken to that they were very welcome to have skin screening."
Easy and straightforward
To define someone's risk of skin cancer and melanoma
After completing the questionnaire one receives an instant evaluation of their skin cancer, melanoma and vitamin D deficiency risk via e-mail
For further information on Corporate

Skin Tests please contact Gabor Honfi
0790 8063 108
Thank you for your attention!
Corporate screening location
An example for comparative mole check with mole mapping
for employees
With unique company password
With the logo of the company
The employee receives an instant confirmation e-mail
Follow-up emails to verify the clinical diagnosis
Patient's reply
- Examination of the whole body
- Special emphasis on moles, skin cancer with digital recording
- Checking for symptoms of any skin diseases
- Short verbal summary about the condition of the skin
- Information on basic skin related subject as skin care, sun protection, importance of vitamin D
- Providing medical opinion and prescriptions when needed
15 min. overall dermatological assessment:
Generally ignored during health tests
Over 2,500 people die from melanoma each year in the UK
30 min. mole check with detailed mole mapping:
- Examination of the whole body
- Making of a detailed mole map (close up images and special high magnification dermatoscopic images)
- Checking for symptoms of any skin diseases
- Short verbal summary about the condition of the skin
- Second specialist assessment at our Evaluation Centre
- Personalized written report via post
- At the time of follow up consultations we compare the images of each and every mole with the previous images. This way the biological nature of moles becomes evident. This dynamic comparative evaluation of moles enables us to make the earliest possible diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer.
With the
comparative analysis
we were able to detect this melanoma skin cancer
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