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Skype in the Classroom

No description

Adam Werling

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom Skype Skype started out as a peer-to-peer file sharing tool that now offers the option of free teleconferencing. Using Skype people may now call, text, and video chat with other people throughout the world for free. How Skype is Free Skype does not have a central server but is instead is supported by the number of users who have downloaded their software. The more people who use their software the faster the connection speeds and the better the quality of calls. This is what helps keep Skype free and a cheap option for internet users. Why Teachers Should Use Skype Teachers of the present and the future should use Skype to better educate their students. Every teacher has his/her strengths and weaknesses. Using Skype a teacher that may not be able explain properly, or challenge a student in one subject may find a teacher that can and is willing to include a student of another school in his/her lesson via Skype. Author Visits Skype opens a whole new world on how students can interact with literature. Author visits used to be a rare and expensive treat for school corporations. Using Skype a teacher may contact willing authors and have them be virtually in the classroom for the students to ask them questions and for the author to present their thoughts on reading and writing. Some authors do Skype visits for free and the ones who do not offer greatly discounted rates for a Skype visit over an in person visit. Improving Language Skills With Skype Using Skype students can improve upon their language skills either through speaking to others verbally or through typing. In this way students interest may be kept longer. Assigning Skype PinPals instead of the classic PinPal will cater to the immediacy that children require. Multicultural Benefits Students from one part of the world may use Skype to communicate with students from most any other country. Using Skype students will be able to learn and tech about cultures of the world from other students similar in age. Teacher Benefits Peer evaluation is something that most teachers are familiar with and welcome. This allows teachers to improve upon themselves. Using Skype teachers may now peer evaluate a teacher from another country. In this way teachers may broaden the way they teach to best serve their students. Students who are taking foreign language classes and classes that may require them to travel to a foreign land for school will benefit from attending some classes via Skype at their future school. References Carolan, L., & Wang, L. (2012). Reflections on a transnational peer review of teaching. ELT Journal: English Language Teachers Journal, 66(1), 71-80.

Taylor, L. (2012). The Skype Is the Limit. Children & Libraries: The Journal Of The Association For Library Service To Children, 10(2), 39-41.

Waxman, O. B. (2012, 11 28). How teachers use skype in the classroom. Time Tech, Retrieved from http://techland.time.com/2012/11/28/how-teachers-use-skype-in-the-classroom/

Michels, B. J., & Ching-Wen, C. (2011). Attending a Presentation at a Distance in Real-time via Skype. Techtrends: Linking Research & Practice To Improve Learning, 55(1), 23-27. doi:10.1007/s11528-011-0465-0 http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JG77V98 Distance Education Distance Education used to be a very expensive and time consuming undertaking. Skype though is changing what we know about Distance Ed. With Skype a teacher may impact students who cannot make it to lecture. Students and professionals who want to view a presentation that they are unable to attend in person are able to set up a Skype monitor and attend virtually. This way they may still actively participate. Lessons Using Skype Entire lesson plans are new being written specifically for the use of Skype. Skype can make any subject more interesting for students. On Skype's website for Education there are already lessons posted for teachers to be a part of.
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