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The New York Ramblers

The principal agenda of the Ramblers is still today as it was when it began over twenty years ago: to provide a comfortable and fun space for all people, regardless of their skill, sexual orientation, gender, race or religion; to come together and enjoy t

Will Orburn

on 5 November 2009

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Transcript of The New York Ramblers

In 1980 an ad was placed in the Village Voice looking for gay men interested in playing soccer in an area of Central Park, known as the Rambles. The few who showed up were unaware that they were about to make history. This was the birth of the New York Ramblers, the very first organized openly gay soccer club. The Ramblers provided a space for gay men, who enjoyed the sport, to meet and socialize outside of the traditional settings of bars and clubs. Shortly after the beginning of the Ramblers, more gay soccer clubs began forming around the country. In conjunction with this, the original members of these first clubs organized the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA), which today has over twenty womens teams and thirty mens teams in its membership. The Ramblers have traveled the country and globe participating in various soccer tournaments, from the Philadelphia Pumpkin Patch and Provincetown Classic to the Munich Oktoberfest Tournament and many IGLFA World Championships and Gay Games held throughout the world...and not to forget its own annual New York Indoor Classic held every winter. We have weekly practices throughout the year and participate in outdoor and indoor leagues in the New York metropolitan area. In addition to a very full year of soccer activities, the Ramblers meet for social events. The New York Ramblers History Gay Games 2010
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