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Health and Fitness speech.

No description

Sophie Wilson

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Health and Fitness speech.

Health and Fitness
What is Health to you
To me it is everything you need to take care of yourself like Eating and drinking water exercising and to take care of yourself to ice your self were ever your sore.

What do you think you should Eat,
and every hour you should have a glass/bottle of water.
10 Reasons why i want to do gym.
1. It's Fun
2. learn new things
3. make new friend
4. go to comps and meet new people
5. meet famous people
6.go to new gyms
7.go to the Olympics
8. get to travel the world
9. learn new languages
10. I love going upside down

Fitness is all about having fun
if you try a sport and you do not try it will be no fun. But if you don't like the sport you should try a new sport.
And now what is
health and
too you.
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