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The Lovely Bones: Conflict and Resolution

No description

Cesar Guzman

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Lovely Bones: Conflict and Resolution

Conflict and Resolution The Lovely Bones: Background Info first of three books composed by Alice Sebold takes place in Pennsylvania, Alice Sebold's home state story is based partially on an event that occurred at the young age of eighteen in Alice's life where she was raped on her way home from the Syracuse campus in 2009 the book was adapted onto film starring Mark Wahlberg Conflict Conflict: conflict is generally a disagreement or problem between core forces in a story there are two types of conflicts: internal and external Why? conflict drives the plot
creates tension and incites interaction with the reader internal conflict: a psychological struggle within a dramatic character
external conflict: struggle between two characters or between a character and an outside force such as nature Conflict in The Lovely Bones Resolution how the story turns out
after the falling action
could end in joy or anguish
provides relief for the reader Resolution in The Lovely Bones Would you consider the story resolved after the death of Mr. Harvey?
What problem is Susie at struggle with the most in the story? Open Questions The resolution towards the external conflict of the story revolves around the death of Mr. Harvey - it is considered a resolution because society is liberated from Mr. Harvey's serial killer mind and because the death of Susie Salmon has been brought to justice internal conflict:
-Mr. Harvey is at struggle with his psychological issue as a serial killer
-Susie Salmon can't grasp the concept of her death and families pain external conflict:
-Mr. Harvey poses a threat to society given the murder and his psychotic intentions The birth of Susie Salmon's niece - the birth of Abigail Suzanne provides relief towards the reader. At the commencement of the story, Susie is murdered and during the resolution a baby is brought to life. The resolution to the internal conflict of Susie Salmon wanting to be alive is her connection through Ruth -As Ruth Connor is walking home, Susie Salmon's spirit touches her and Ruth claims that she saw her presence fading away.
- Susie says, "I could not have what I wanted most. Mr. Harvey dead and me living. Heaven wasn't perfect" (20).
-Susie's family needs to find who the wretched murder is
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