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The Count of Monte Cristo


Andrew Stevenson

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas Plot Summary Thesis Statement Explanation of thesis Knowledge The three elements of Romanticism "an attractive freedom in morals,

the absurdity of loving one's legitimate husband or wife,

and the melancholy of being sent to the Bastille" (Maurois 104). 1802-1870 The Count Of Monte Cristo: Alienation vs Love Edmond Dantes' accomplishments, and abandonment, are expressed by the struggle of love, and the alienation of: his companions, his betrothed, society, himself, and God. The plot shifts dramatically when Dantes... Literary analysis Alienation Literary analysis Chateau d'If Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Alienation By: Andrew Stevenson Known for adventure works of high action Lavish spending on women and high living Was of mixed race. which impacted his rightful place in French history, due to racism. Early influences: Drama and theater Edmond Dantes, a sailor of Marseilles. Conspirators set in motion a plot against Dantes. In prison, Abbe Faria teaches Dantes and reveals the location of an enormous treasure. After escaping Chateau d'If, Dantes finds the treasure and emerges in Rome as the Count of Monte Cristo. Uses his wealth and knowledge gained by Abbe Faria to enact his revenge. These elements are observed in the text, and Dumas' personal life. (As Dumas saw it) is betrothed to Mercedes. contemplates suicide, then subsequently meets Abbe Faria. learns Mercedes has married Dantes' enemy, Fernand. falls in love with the 'exotic' Haydee. “Alone! No longer to see, to hear the voice of, the only human being that attached him to life!" (Dumas 96). “Through you I come back to life, through you I can suffer, and through you I can be happy” (Dumas 507). Love “I wish to reconquer the happiness that has been taken from me. Before I die, I have my executioners to punish, and possibly also some friends to recompense” (Dumas 96) "From this moment Dantes' happiness knew no bounds, he was not going to be alone anymore" (Dumas 66). Former Bonapartists struggled to gain acceptance by society. The Count of Monte Cristo The Three Musketeers Secured position because of elegant handwriting Took part in the July Revolution, in 1830 Over 40 affairs, 4 illegitimate children Married Ida Ferrier, an actress, and seperated after spending her entire dowry Built his own Chateau de Monte Cristo, for 500,000 francs Dantes lowest point of abandonment, thoughts of suicide. Saved by Abbe Faria's companionship. Society abandons Dantes because of accusation. and the letter. Society Companions Mercedes, Abbe Faria, and Haydee. Enemies Danglar, Fernand, Caderousse and Villefort. love Caderousse's betrayal of Dantes by debt collection. Fernands lust for Mercedes, and marriage. Villefort's condemnation of Dantes. Dantes' love for Mercedes. Abbe Faria Haydee Danglar, Fernand, Caderousse, and Villefort Research Process Began with research on Alienation. Borrowed two biographies on Alexandre Dumas. Read Dumas' memoirs. Minimal internet research. Knowledge of French History, the revolution, and the time. Understanding of the French Monarchy. Greater appreciation of romanticism, and Alexandre Dumas' life. Application of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Conclusion Through Dantes' love of Haydee, he is able to regain his humanity. Dantes removes his vengeful alter-ego's, and gives the majority of his fortune away. Considering Alexandre Dumas' life as a man of mixed race, do you think Dantes' generousity, and Dumas' use of Haydee, was his way of making a point? Do you agree that love conquers all? Took time each day to read The Count of Monte Cristo. Reviewed Dumas' major works.
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