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The Watsons Go To Birmingham, 1963

No description

Janet Bullock

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The Watsons Go To Birmingham, 1963

Story Elements Character The story elements are: The main character is the person
the book is mostly about. It can be
more than one person. What is a character? What is the setting? The setting is the time
and place in the book. Plot The plot of the story is the main
idea of the story. Ask yourself
So What? What is the entire book
about? Reading Setting Author Illustrator Publisher and publishing date Plot Title Tone/Mood Conflict Resolution Author's purpose Kenny ,Byron, Joetta, Momma Watson and Daddy Watson are the main characters. The setting is in Flint, Michigan and Birmingham, Alabama. The Watsons live in Michigan and they travel to Alabama to visit Grandma Sands . During their stay in Alabama, Kenny sees a bombing after a Civil Right's arguement and this changes his life. Conflict Resolution The conflict is the problem in the story.
This is the problem the character faces. Kenny faces the challenges of dealing with his mean brother and seeing a horrific experience of the bombing of the church in Alabama. This is how the character solved the problem. Kenny and Byron started getting along after the trip to Birmingham because he grew up after seeing the horrible tragedy. Author's Purpose The author has 3 purposes: to entertain, persuade, or inform. The author's purpose was to entertain. Author Publisher Publishing date The author is the person that wrote the book. Christopher Paul Curtis is the author. The publisher is the company that printed the book. This information can be found on the back of the title page. The publisher is Laurel Leaf. The publishing date is the year that it was published.It can be found near the publisher's name. The publishing date is 2000. Let's watch a video of a rap on story elements. Let's watch another video. Now, our next step is to learn how to create
a reading fair mini board.
Look at the handouts on the reading fair project!
Good Luck! Here is a graphic organizer to help you with
your story elements. Use your book to help you!
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