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Greenhouse UW-LAX sustainability fair

No description

Alan Turnquist

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Greenhouse UW-LAX sustainability fair

A UW-Madison Residential Learning Community The GreenHouse
What is a Residential Learning Community? Key Elements Take Home Points living and learning are connected through social, cultural and educational activities What does the GreenHouse do? A thematic RLC with focus on sustainability (this is year 3) This is a partnership There are excellent learning opportunities in RLCs, and sustainability is a very viable theme 46 students seminars, community meals, regular events and activities (all voluntary participation) close connection with Faculty (Jack Kloppenburg), Staff, and Student Interns nice physical resources: a garden, big (equipped) kitchen, workshop, bicycle maintenance tools Academic Department (Community and Environmental Sociology) Division of Housing Colleges (Ag. and Life Science, Letters and Science) University Level: Madison Initiative for Undergraduates Marriage of living and learning requires: funding and collaboration across units Key element: Faculty buy-in academic legitimacy,
department to house courses,
interaction for underclassmen courses and events happen "in house" Could be thematic, or not UW-Madison has eight RLCs, ranging from ~800 students to ~30 students students pay a small programming fee ($200/year)
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