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Fr 87 [223]

Saon Pal

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Francium


Francium is the most reactive element on the periodic timetable of elements (PTE) because it is under the Alkali Metals column. The elements in the Alkali Metals column have only 1 valence electron. Because of this, they easily react with water, air and non-metals.
Francium was discovered by French Chemist Marguerite Perey in 1939 when researching the radioactive decay of actinium. Francium was named after France.

Francium's state in room temperature is solid and its hardness is unknown but probably soft. The color of Francium is unknown, however it is presumed to be Metallic Silver-Grey. Francium's density at room temperature is 1.87g/cm . The estimated melting point for this element is 27 C and the estimated boiling point for this element is 677 C.
Francium is found in solid form. It is also found in Uranium ore and about 100K atoms are in an ore. On Earth, there is only 30 grams of Francium at any given time. Francium can be produced in particle accelerators or atom smashers. The speed per second of these machines are 300km per second.
Francium is not extracted from Earth's crust. Francium threats human health. Francium has no compounds. Francium has no uses due to its rarity and high radioactivity. Francium is only for research purposes.
Lewis Diagram of Francium
Francium Atom
If we were to take all of Francium's properties and put them into a person, then the person will surely become a superhero.
Frantic Francium is the roughest and toughest among all super heroes because he has phenomenal strength and a load of intelligence. However, he can only use his super powers for 22 minutes before he explodes. If the temperature reaches 27 C, then Frantic Francium will start to melt. If the temperature ever reaches past 677 C, then he will boil. Frantic Francium can combine with other super heroes and become even more powerful.
By: Saon Pal
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