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City Of Bones

No description

Cara Keller

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of City Of Bones

Clary Fray
Jace Wayland
Isabelle & Alec Lightwood
Jocelyn Fray
Simon Lewis
Magnus Bane
Valentine Morgenstern

Hodge Starkweather
Lucian Graymark

City Of Bones
By: Cassandra Clare

Clary Fray is a 16 year old girl, who finds out that her world isn't the only world there is. Clary finds out shes a shadow hunter. And with that came
, demons, and angels.
Runes are symbols branded into a shadow hunter's skin. The runes provide special powers. Each shadow hunter has this symbol.
Jace Wayland is a shadow hunter who was orphaned at a young age. Jace's past is a mystery to everyone, including himself. Jace starts to grow feelings for Clary after he saves her life. In with that attraction came complications.
Isabelle and Alec Lightwood are brother and sister, who were raised as warriors. Isabelle is described as the seductive warrior. A girl who would do anything to protect the ones she loves. Alec is the quiet time bomb, Alec loves his family and friends, but he'll never tell them he's homosexual. Alec and Clary disliked each other in the beginning, but Alec soon realizes, Clary just wants everyone to be safe. Isabelle and Clary become friends quite quickly, which according to Jace is strange.
Jocelyn Fray is Clary's mother. Jocelyn is a shadow hunter who went into hiding when Clary was born. Jocelyn hid from Clary's father, Valentine. Who is hated by the
Jocelyn is attacked by Valentine's soldiers, and in order to save herself she drinks a potion that puts her in a deep sleep. And when Clary finds her, she's clueless on how to wake her up.
The clave is the shadow hunter's government. The members of the Clave are the ones who decide the laws and what punishments are to be bestowed on people who break the law.
Simon Lewis is Clary's best friend. Simon is what we call friend zoned. He loves Clary, but she doesn't feel the same way. One night, while Clary and Jace were speaking to a warlock at his party, Simon was kidnapped by vampires. Even though in the movie they do not show it, Simon drank a drink with a potion in it and he turned into a rat. When Simon was taken to the Vampire's lair, in order to save Clary, he bit the clan's leader Raphiel. Simon swallowed some of Raphiel's blood, and when Simon was in human form again, he turned into a vampire. Simon changes in the first book, but in the movie he didn't. So when City of Ashes comes out, they may show it.
Magnus Bane is a powerful Warlock who is 500 years old. He is the warlock that erased Clary's memory while she was growing up, because her mother didn't want her to find out about what she is. Magnus takes interest in clary's search for the truth, so he helps her as much as he can.
Valentine is Clary's father. Of course we don't find that out until the end of the book. Valentine is known for the uprising he tried to create. He turned members of the Clave against their beliefs, and tried to bring
Valentine wanted to steal the
mortal instruments
, and take over the world.

Idris is the homeland for Shadow hunters. It's secret, but is known for it's wards. The wards keep the down worlders out.
The mortal instruments were made by the angel Raziel. The mortal cup, the mortal sword, and the mortal glass
Hodge is the head of the
that everyone lives in.
Hodge joined Valentine's group and left the clave. When Valentine was "defeated" Hodge's punishment was to never leave the grounds of the institute. In the frustration of his punishment, Hodge betrays everyone once again, and joins sides with Valentine.
Lucian A.K.A Luke, is a werewolf. Luke also joined Valentine's group, but quickly was turned away when he was bitten, because Valentine hates down worlders. Luke is also in love with Jocelyn, which is why he helped her escape Valentine. Even after Clary finds out what she is, he still does everything he can to keep her safe. Clary may have referred to him as "uncle" but he was always like a father to her.
The overall theme of the book and the movie is, things aren't always what they seem. Clary was just a normal teenager, always fighting with her mom, and procrastinating as much as she can. Until one day she goes into a club and realizes she sees things other people; or should I say mundanes, can't. She quickly learns that her world isn't the only world out there. Clary faces major internal and external conflicts.
With everyone's help Clary will unlock all of the secrets behind being a shadow hunter. Including the unique power she has.
The setting is Brooklyn, New York, Present time.
And there you have it.

The book, City of Bones

The book, The shadow hunter's codex


Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor) by John Murphy
Down worlders are supernatural creatures
Shape shifters
Johnathan Shadowhunter and Raziel Mixed their blood in the Mortal cup.
(A tad strange, i know.)
And from then on all shadow hunters were born. When a Nephilim become of age, they drink from the cup. Of course though it's optional.
Interesting fact about Shadow hunters:
According to the Codex, when werewolves are in wolf form they have no control over what they do. Werewolves however have a better alliance with the clave than the vampires.
They call Magnus the high warlock of Brooklyn.
Cassandra Clare even has a new series out called the Bane Chronicles.

Even though this isn't told until the second book (City of Ashes) Valentine, (Clary's father) tells Jace that he is also Jace's father. So Valentine puts Jace under the impression that he kissed his sister. But of course the movie ruined the suspense and had Valentine say to an ally that he was lying.
There are institutes all around the world. Institutes are like safe houses for Shadow hunters. All institutes have magic surrounding them, making it completely impossible for it to be breached.
Isabelle Lightwood
Alec Lightwood
Members of the uprising
Hodge is played by Jared Harris
Valentine is played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Magnus is played by Godfrey Gao
Simon is played by Robert Sheehan
Jocelyn is played by Lena Headey
Played by Jemima West
Played by Kevin Zegers
Jace is played by Jamie Campbell Bower
Clary is played by Lily Collins
Luke is played by Aidan Turner
These two are Blackwell and Pangborn, they work for Valentine.
This is Dorothea, who's a witch that was after the mortal cup. She almost kills Jace, Clary, and Alec.
Dorothea is played by CCH Pounder
This is brother Jeremiah. He is a silent brother. He's played by Stephen R. Hart
The Silent brothers, live under the city of Bones. The city of Bones is the place they take shadow hunters after they die. Hence the name city of BONES. Silent brothers are born regular shadow hunters, but with the silent rune, they become sightless, speechless, and weightless. They only speak telepathically. The Silent Brother's come from Jonathan Shadowhunter's friend, David.
played by Robert Maillet and Kevin Durand
One last fact:
There are the Iron Sisters. The Iron Sisters come from Johnathan Shadowhunter's sister Abigail. The Iron Sisters are in charge of making all of the shadow hunter's weapons. They make each weapon with special powers.
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