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Google Glass Marketing Campaign

No description

Hadiel Mohamed

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Google Glass Marketing Campaign

Step 3:
Message Design
know what it is vs
know how it feels
75% unnecessary
15% complicated
Concern 1:
Drawing a conclusion

Concern 2:
Presenting strong argument

Concern 3:
One sided argument
Google Glass Marketing Plan
Place Strategy
Product Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Implementation Plan
Google Glass
Target Audience
Millenials & Generation Y
Socially active
Experiential activities
high income
high social class

More for Much More

"To social Egyptian people who want to capture and share every moment and always be in the know, Google Glass is a wearable communication and information technology solution that provides high quality, easy, reliable and instantaneous access and connection to data, people, and resources on the go and hands free.”
Competitive Advantage
Differentiation Strategy
product leadership

Market Leader
Market Nicher
Current Price 1500$ without the taxes.
Beta Edition
Google glass is limited to a number of people.
Demand is really high while there is only a small volume to meet this demand.
Google’s Current Price
It has a high mark up on the price as it wants to consumer to perceive it as a cool, special and exclusive gadget.
Current Strategy: market skimming strategy.
Cost-plus pricing strategy.
High mark up.
Price is expected to drop down significantly when it launches its product out for the public.
Pricing and Time
Expected New price 300$-500$
Depends on the margin
Decrease in price-when competitors launch their products.
Samsung, Mircosoft and Recon 200$-500$
Present time: Pure Monopoly
Future: Oligopolistic market when competitors (Microsoft, Samsung and Recon) launch out their product.
Type of Markets
Google glass is a specialty and an advanced technological product.
Inelastic demand.
Pricing Power.

Type of Demand
Target Audience
Competitors on the Industrial Level: Samsung, Microsoft Price range 200$-500$
Competitors on the Market Level: Apple
Iphone example.

Competitors' Strategies and Prices
Millenials & Generation Y
Socially active
Experiential activities
high income
high social class

Google needs to edge up the competition.

1. Justify its greater price by differentiating its product.

New augmented product: Mono Ear buds.
Optional Product pricing.

Step 2:
58% Unaware
75% interested?
62% wouldn't purchase
only 24% would remain loyal to Google if competitors
2. Cut down the price which is what’s expected to happen.

Strong bargaining power with the suppliers.
Offered quantity discounts.

Competitive advantage over their competition
Set low prices
Drive out weak competition
Transition from market skimming pricing to market penetration

Exclusive Distribution
During the explorer program:
Direct Market Channel
Distribution behavior: Vertical marketing system
After the official Release
Indirect Marketing Channels with specialty stores.
Distribution Channel behavior: Conventional distribtion
Service Amount: Full-time service
Product and brand positioning strategies
Consumer Product
Specialty Product
Individual Product Decisions
Google Glass Attributes:
Positioned on Quality
Capacity and Memory
Contents of the box
Where it was designed?
Adds value to the glass.
Helps the customer attach meaning to the glass
Says something about the glass's technology, advancement and quality
Brand Equity
Enormous Brand Equity
Competitive advantage as the brand equity increases awareness and brand loyalty.
Launch a brand extension easily " Glass extension" due to high credibility.
Give google glass defense against fierce price competition.
Step 4:
Promotion Channel
Brand Positioning
1. Promotional Efforts
Enormous Promotional efforts

The overall promotion budget:
“Objective and task method”
2. Push Vs. Pull Strategies
Push strategy
Pull strategy

Since Google glass is a specialty product, the pull strategy would most likely be used in the introductory stage.
Google is positioned based on its attributes, benefits of the attributes and the value customers receive from using the product
Camera and voice command
Wearable technology, connectivity and internet access.
Benefits: Keep customer connected all the time to data.
Value: Capture and record unique moments of life through a hands-free camera.
Brand Sponsorship:
Google is a manufactuter brand

Promotion Mix
Brand Development Strategy
Google glass is a brand development strategy in which the existing brand name.
It is mainly extended to a new category.
Advantages of this strategy:
It provides the product with instant recognition and faster acceptance.
Direct Marketing
Personal Selling
Public Relations
Specialty product

Exclusive with no intermediaries

advantage of the use of direct marketing
Specialized stores

Personal selling would be particularly effective

Sales people would help touch upon the insecurities of the consumer towards the product
Blogs and articles online
Public relations is an extremely important promotional tool
Social networking
Viral marketing
Technological products in general

62% say its unnecessary

Some may or may not purchase it
informative advertising would be ultimate.

Google glass is positioned as a high quality technological masterpiece that responds to the environment by being the first to create it.
Step 5:
Message Source
Google Personnel
Sergey Brin

Fashion Show
"Project Runway"
Ali el Sharawy - Dina Essam - Hadiel Zakaria - Mennat-Allah Moussa - Salma el Tanbouly
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