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Copy of Copy of ANC CCLC

No description

Praveen Samarakone

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of ANC CCLC

About AIESEC So what exactly is AIESEC
? So how is all this achieved? Opportunities
Available 113
Countries 86,000
Members Worlds LARGEST
Youth-Run Organization 2,400
Universities 8,000
Partner Organizations 64 Years
of Experience Non-Political Independent Not-for-profit Organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education Does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin International Internship Program What? Benefits A program to help the youth develop Personal & Professional
Development A program created to promote An undergraduate
or graduate Under 30 years of age International Internship
Program Why is it IMPORTANT
for YOU? Opportunity
to DIFFERENTIATE yourself To complement your
Globally Recognized Degree
Globally Recognized Work Experience Cultural Exchange A good first step for your career Leadership Skills To create a
positive impact
on society Youth Leadership &
Youth Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Skills International Team Experience Do you qualify? Are You? Why waste your vacation? India Pakistan Philippines Indonesia Malaysia Romania Ukraine Poland Kenya Tanzania Uganda Ghana Thailand Vietnam Cambodia Egypt Morocco Tunisia Global Italy
(Desh) Turkey
(Kasun) China
(Savinda) Malaysia
(Piumi) Ghana
(Eneeshya &Wanya) Hungary
(Hasini) India
(Shamil) Thailand
(Dhanushka) Vietnam
(Viraj) Pakistan
(Shermy) Netherlands
(Kasun) Indonesia
(Geeth) Can I apply? YES ! Internships are not limited to your study area.
So, no matter which area of studies you are in, you can apply for any internship. What Next? WHERE? and many more countries worldwide ogx.uoc@gmail.com 0773318413 Selection Arrangements eXchange in to the program Applications now OPEN with your host country Before your departure date Get in touch with us ! AIESEC Colombo Central A truly life changing experience 3 simple step process ONLY 15,000 LKR Investment To become an
official participant
in the AIESEC
Provided Accommodation
settled prior to departure Get a life changing experience Project
Management Event Management Social Work Foreign language education and many many more Youth Development Marketing Communications Entrepreneurship Cultural Education Facilitation & Training Community Development Women Empowerment Research Kind of internships? THANK YOU
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