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Why you should visit to Saturn

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Ananya Sivaskandan

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of Why you should visit to Saturn

Why you should come to Saturn
Our temprature
Our planet is covered with hydrogen and helium. Our temperature is from -168 degrees celsius. So all of the people who love the cold come into Saturn to have some wintery fun.
The beautiful colour of Saturn
Saturn takes on a beautiful pale yellow with hints of orange. You can see subtle cloud layers, swirling storms mixing orange and white together. Saturn also has rings. The hydrocarbons give Saturn a yellowish-brown color.
The location:
So you exactly know where youre at
Saturn is the 6th planet that is away from the sun and it is also the 2nd biggest planet in the solar system. Saturn has 62 named satellites.
Our atmosphere
As you enter our planet there wont be alot of oxygen, but our agency will provide you with spacesuits, so dont worry! Our planet is made up of 75% hydrogen and 25% helium.If you visit you will also see traces of methane and water ice. If you like the wind Saturn is the best place to be. Cloud decks can also be found in Saturn.
Welcome to Saturn
The flattest planet in the universe.

Saturns Moons
Saturn has 62 moons; But one of Saturn's most famous moon is the Titan which is the second largest moon in the solar system. The rings of Saturn are made up of moonlets which range from microscopic in size to hundreds of meters across. Dione is the second largest inner moon of Saturn. This moon is covered with an extensive network of troughs and lineaments.
The Average Surface Temprature Of Saturn
The core of Saturn has very high temperatures of 35,700°C – which is hotter than the surface of the Sun. For the adventorers out there due to saturn being far from the average temperature is of -178 °Celsius.
The size of our wonderful planet
The radius of Saturn is 58,232 km. Saturns rings make it unexpectedly beautiful in the night sky. It is the second largest planet in the solar system .A walk around the equator of Saturn would carry you 227,349 miles.
Comparison Of
Saturn has a lot more moons than Earth. One interesting comparison is that Earth is the densest planet in the universe whereas Saturn is the least dense. 1 year on Earth is a year but in Saturn 1 ear lasts almost 30 years. Earth has more nitrogen and Oxygen whereas Saturn has Helium and Hydrogen. Unlike Earth Saturn has beautiful rings.

Interesting facts about Saturn
Saturn can be seen with naked eyes.
Saturn is mostly made up of Hydrogen.
Space crafts have only visited Saturn 4 times.
Sometimes, Saturn's rings disappear.
There could be life on one of Saturn's moon : Enceladus.
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