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No description

Jessica Horton

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of POW

Topic introduction
What's the big idea?
State the topic or your thesis statement clearly.
Reading your essay shouldn't be a guessing game.
Every paragraph should include a topic introduction.
Important Details
This is your textual evidence and
important facts.

Bring it to a close.
Wrap it up.
Write your concluding statement.
Transition to the next paragraph.
Pull apart the prompt
Organize my notes
How am I going to write my essay?
Do a pre-writing activity.
Determine the structure of your essay.
What is my purpose?
What else would be helpful before
I begin to write?

You can be a super writer!
Now it's time to POW POW POW!!!
Be Inspired
Read it closely...
What is the prompt asking me to do?
Write and say more
Make sure your transitions are smooth and varied.
Utilize your extensive vocabularies!
Throw in some impressive words!
Make sure you aren't over using any words.
Detailed Examination
Elaborate on your important detail.
Why is it important?
What does it mean?
This is where you explain yourself.
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