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Mr J Daykin

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of SHANG DYNASTY

The Shang Dynasty was located in china in a region surrounding the yellow river.
Today this has now changed to Xiobuton village in Anyang city of Henan providence.
In the shang region it was only passed onto boys.

The hiyaraky


The Yellow River
It is called the Yellow river because there was sand under the water (floorbed).

The Yellow river was helpful for planting food and tradeing food in a boat.
fun fact!

its called th yellow river because of the clay and dust that has been blown over.
The yellow river could cause massive floods and can cause people to drawn also can be danerouse for the people that live there
the hiyaracky is a pyramid what are involving generations this is the order
*ruling family
*goverment workers
*paesant famers
The tangram is a flat puzzle with seven shaped pieces, which when put together correctly, create a large square.
Tangrams can be arranged into many different shapes, such as a person or dog, and can be put together in an infinite number of combinations, and since the 1800s, there has been over 6500 documented, different tangram puzzle arrangements.
The tangram rules are that you must use all seven shapes (‘tans’); they must all touch; and they are not to overlap.
It is believed that tangrams were most likely invented in China between 960-1279 AD.
Tangrams were brought home to America and Europe by various merchants in the early 1800s, as gifts and souvenirs from their business trips to Canton, China, and became very popular.
The End of the Shang
The Shang Dynasty ended in about 1050 BCE, when
c o nquerors from the state of Zhou invaded the capital and
successfully toppled the Shang Dynasty. The Zhou conquerors
claimed to overthrow the Shang Dynasty for moral reasons.
They said that the Shang king was evil and that heaven no
longer wanted him to rule. They blamed the Shang’s downfall
on its king’s excessive drinking, indulgent lifestyle, and
immoral behavior. The downfall remained a cautionary tale
to kings and emperors for years to come.
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