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No description

Anthony Malgapo

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Linux

"Linux // The Fun Facts"
Android OS
'Tux' the Penguin
Linux = Unix?
Servers vs. Desktops (GUI)
"Introduction to Linux // Eli the Computer Guy"
"My Sources"
"Understanding Open Source and Distributions"
"Open Source - Legal Issues"
Main Idea: Viewing source code!
Learning what you can from code
Commercialization? (servers)
Linux // What is it?
Created in the 90s
Creator: Linus Torvalds
Software Engineer
Started as a side-project
Became open-source
Windows, OSX, Linux
"A Presentation"

Tech term: 'Distros'
Companies, universities
Individual programmers
Most notable: Android, Ubuntu
"How is a free software able to make money?"
Introduction to Linux - Eli the Computer Guy

Extropia.com - What is the Open Source Business Model?

Linux.com - What is Linux?
Made by: Anthony Malgapo
Ultimate 'freedom'
Community driven
Most secure system
'The open source business model'
'Product Halo'
System Integration
Open Source = no R&D funding!
1. Freedom to run the program, for any purpose
2. Freedom to study the source code
3. Freedom of redistribution to neighbors
4. Freedom to modify different versions
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