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jorge darriba barba

on 26 October 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Ancient Egypt was ruled by a pharaoh
Art in Egypt
The Eyptian state was made up of many groups:
Religion in Egypt
Akkadian Empire
Babylonian Empire
Assyrian Empire
Neo-Babylonian Empire
Old kingdom
Middle kingdom
New kingdom
River civilisations
Ancient Mesopotamia
and Egypt

Society in
Religion and art
in Mesopotamia
Anu: god of heaven and love
Enlil: god of wind
Ishtar: goddes of war
They built temples
Political power
Social hierachy
Large-scale building works
Architecture: arch and vault
Sculptue: stone statues and reliefs
The Egyptian art had a religious or political meaning
Painting changed very little
They were polytheistic
Life after the death
By: Jorge Darriba Barba
The Pharaoh
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