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JLL Social Seller Program

No description

Eileen Veihmeyer

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of JLL Social Seller Program

JLL Social Seller Program
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The Social Seller Program
-Designed to build upon the firm’s credible subject matter experts and enable them to be more effective & productive in reaching/engaging target clients & prospects.
The 5 Principles a JLL Social Seller:
1. Have an externally-facing sales role
2. Is a true subject matter expert on a specific topic
3. Have a basic understanding of social media and is technology savvy
4. Is willing to invest 10 minutes per day into their social
media presence
5. Subscribes to JLL’s method for engaging
clients/prospects on social media to drive revenue
(engage 20%, entertain 20%, interact 40%,
convert to business 20%)
Goals of Program
-To get JLL employees comfortable using social media
and building their online presence to drive sales.
Social Seller ROI
-90% of B2B decision makers use social media in their buying process
-Using social media for client engagement and collaboration.
-PR team will enable sales team with Social Seller tools.
-A widespread understanding throughout JLL that social
media doesn't replace traditional sales, but will help SUPERCHARGE their sales efforts!
-An increased adoption of the Social Seller Program
amongst all JLL participants for each business line.
Benchmark & Audit
-Developed Methodology
-The average score of a Senior Sales Executive at JLL is 242 / 410 points
-Gives a true, data-based analysis
-Each category is weighted differently based on importance
Accelerate & Amplify
-Social Share Alerts
Social Seller Tools
-Twitter & LinkedIn Lists
-Measurement Tool Kit
-A 10 minute per day social media activity schedule
-Online Resources via Global Connect Site
Next Steps
-Social Share Alerts sent out to sales
team on March 3
-Social Seller is part of Productivity Zone at Academy; Paige to provide 1:1 social media training sessions at Academy
-Methodology rankings after 6 months
-Track clicks on Social Share Alerts
Markets Using Social Share Alerts
-New England
-Tri- State
-New York City
-New York Tri-State
-Long Island
-Fairfield/ Westchester
-New Jersey
-Mid Atlantic
-Washington DC
-Dallas/ Fort Worth
-Seattle / Portland
-San Diego
-Los Angeles
-Atlanta Region
-Benchmarking Audit
-Initial SD communications week of Feb. 24
-Anecdotal feedback about
-Hootsuite/ Bit.ly
-34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter, and 20% have closed deals
- The average midsize or large company (1000 employees or more) has 178 "social media assets" (ex: Twitter handles, employee blogs)
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