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Lesson 1 - Roles of coaches

No description

Benjamin Cox

on 18 September 2017

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Transcript of Lesson 1 - Roles of coaches

Unit Learning Outcomes
1 Know the roles, responsibilities and skills of sports coaches

2 Know the techniques used by coaches to improve the performance of athletes
(P2/M2/D2 SS)

3 Be able to plan a 30 minute sports coaching session

4 Be able to deliver and review a sports coaching session
Lesson Aim (s) & Objective (s)
Aim - To introduce the different roles of a coach
What is Sports Coaching?
'Sports coaching can be defined as the process of motivating, guiding and training an individual in preparation for any sporting hobby, career, or event'
Sports Coaching - Unit 5/16SS
Learning outcome 1
Roles of sports coaches
Ben Cox

1 - BRONZE will be able to list the 6 roles of a coach

2 - SILVER will be able to provide a practical example of how each role can be applied to the sports coaching environment

3 - GOLD will be able to demonstrate practically, their example of a role within a sports coaching envirnoment

What is sports coaching?
Individual Activity # 1
What are the different roles of a coach?
Group Activity # 1
Using the template below, think about what a coach could do to ensure that all of participant needs are met in within different elements of the coaching environment
In sports coaching, the desired roles should support the development of the athletes at the variety of levels
1 - Innovator
2 - Friend
What are the positives?

What are the negatives?
3 - Manager
1) Command Style
2) Reciprocal style
3) The guided discovery style
4 - Role Model
6 - Educator
' A coach will be aware that athletes develop differently and require a mixture of coaching styles. An effective coach develops a range of styles to deal with a variety of learners'
5 - Trainer
Physical - Technical - Tactical
Coach makes all decisions
Athletes involved in decisions
Athletes control sessions
Advantages and Disadvantages?
Group Activity # 2
List the roles of these coaches above
Age - Ability - Interests - Experience

1. Pre-session considerations
2. In-session considerations
3. Post-session considerations
4. Planning for next session
Examples of innovators in sport?
Watch the following clip of Arsenal first team and attempt to outline the roles that he is undertaken during the 6 minute clip.
Attempt to think of the delivery style of the coach? Who is leading the session? Is his approach effective in what he is trying to achieve?
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