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Frederick W. Lancaster - Paperless Society Visionary

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Marlon Hernandez

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Frederick W. Lancaster - Paperless Society Visionary

Frederick W. Lancaster
"I got a job as a library assistant which was kind of ... There's no real equivalent in this country because you do menial things like shelving books and things..." (Estabrook & Lancaster, 2008)
"In essence it was a whole strange series of events because [Frank Rodgers, former co-worker at Newcastle Public Libraries] moved from Akron Public Library to the University of Illinois Reference Department and I essentially went and took his job at the Akron Public Library." (Estabrook & Lancaster, 2008)
Associate Professor
Professor of Library Science
Professor Emeritus
Director of Program in Biomedical Librarianship
As well as...
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Information System Specialist
Technical Librarian
Also a few teaching assignments & workshop lectures across the globe
Argentina, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia...
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Syria, Tunisia, and the West Indies
"So I think that I particularly enjoyed my foreign students and also the fact that I had so many foreign contacts and lived professionally in so many different countries actually: Scandinavia, Brazil, India, Spain, Israel. It made me think of myself as an internationalist rather than an American. I don't feel a strong national bond with any country."
(Estabrook & Lancaster, 2008)
Evaluation of the MEDLARS Demand Search Service
Information Retrieval Systems; Characteristics, Testing, and Evaluation
Indexing and Abstracting In Theory and Practice
Toward Paperless Information Systems
Books Published
Contributed to more than 70 books, book chapters, special reports, and monographs on various aspects of information science
Impressive collection of nearly two hundred journal articles and reports
Report on the evaluation of MEDLARS won an American Society for Information Science award as the best paper of the year 1969... what are we leaving out Frederick?
"Well, I think what I'm most proud of I suppose is recognition. I got seven awards from the American Society of Information Science and Technology, which is many more than anybody else ever got, four best book awards, best Information Science Book Awards, one best Information Science Paper Award. I was the first recipient of the outstanding Information Science Teacher Award. I got the Award of Merit. I mean, what more can you do as far as national recognition goes? Also two of my books received awards from the American Library Association. Then there's the University Scholar Award, which is not to be sniffed at. So I'm most proud of the recognition I received over thirty active years or so."
(Estabrook & Lancaster, 2008)
Also of note....
966 Times!
Of those roughly 200 articles, around 76 were peer reviewed and have been cited...
=5 Articles
Library Trends Magazine - 1986-2006
Association of Computing Machinery
Center of Applied Linguistics
National Institutes of Health
Department of Defense
National Library of Medicine
Consultant For:
"It's quite obvious that libraries are becoming depersonalized too. Not so much I think the public libraries but the academic libraries and the fact that it is harder and harder to actually meet a professional person in a library because they are all doing more important things like sitting on committees and worrying about budgets and technology and that kind of thing. I think that's a bad thing.... People are important. I think sometimes we overlook the people when we concentrate on the equipment, the technology...
...Many, many years ago the American Library Association published a book called Patrons Are People, which was about the library patron. You don't get books like that anymore because people have forgotten about the patron. Most of the books that are published by the American Library Association or the British equivalent today are books having to do with technology, not about people. I think that's a bad thing. So I'd like to see the human element of reader assistance not get overlooked."
- Frederick "Wilf" Lancaster (Estabrook & Lancaster, 2008)
Finally, Wilf do you have any thoughts on the future of the library profession?
Anonymous (2008). Curriculum vitae for F. Wilfrid Lancaster. Library Trends, 56(4), 975-993.

Estabrook, L. S., & Lancaster, F. W. (2008). Reflections: An interview with F.W. Lancaster. Library Trends, 56(4), 968-974.

Haricombe, L. J., & Prabha, C. (2008). F. W. Lancaster as scholar, teacher, and mentor: Reflections of students. Library Trends, 56(4), 747-762.

Lancaster, F. (1999). Second thoughts on the paperless society. Library Journal, 124(15), 48-50

Lancaster, C., Meyer, M., Lancaster, O., Lancaster, J., Lancaster, A., Hanumanthappa, L., & Hanumanthappa, R. (2008). F. W. Lancaster: A family tribute. Library Trends, 56(4), 740-746.

Obituary for: Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster. (2013). Retrieved September 21, 2013, from http://www.renner-wikoffchapel.com/fh/obituaries/obituary.cfm?o_id=2204062&fh_id=10562

Professor emeritus F. W. Lancaster passes away. (2013). Retrieved September 21, 2013, from http://www.lis.illinois.edu/articles/2013/08/professor-emeritus-f-w-lancaster-passes-away

Tenopir, C. (2008). The Past Catches Up. Library Journal, 133(12), 25.

Qin, J. (2008). F. W. Lancaster: A bibliometric analysis. Library Trends, 56(4), 954-967.

Young, A. P. (2008). Aftermath of a prediction: F. W. Lancaster and the paperless society. Library Trends, 56(4), 843-858.
1 5
Frederick Wilfrid “Poppa Wills” “Stinky Cheese Grandpa” Lancaster
September 4th 1933 - August 25th 2013
"...heavyweight champion of library science..."
"...he thinks he knows the first line of more songs than any other human being."
"Trivial Pursuit was also always a favorite and I remember all of us being amazed (and frustrated at times) with the fact that Dad was always able to come up with the answer."
"At night, part of our bedtime ritual was sitting together on the couch and
listening to him read."
"I remember a crotchety old curmudgeon who happens to be a patient, doting, and loving grandfather who is adored by his grandkids."
"I remember that no matter how busy, he always found time
to read to us."
"The thing about growing up with Dad that sticks out most in my mind was
his constant presence."
"...he even cooked dinner, which always was either shepherd’s pie or roast chicken with potatoes."
"...for Dad’s presence I am eternally grateful."
"I could not has asked for a better father."
"I have greater appreciation and understanding of cultures because of
these exotic visits and travels we have done together."
"Everything I have and have done in life is because of my Dad’s love and support, which keeps me going."
"My Dad is a very generous man."
Paperless Society


Happiest Moment:
September 4, 1933
Stanley, County Durham, England
University of Northumbria at Newcastle, England 1955
Celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his entire family.
So Frederick, how did you get started in the field?
"Well, actually it was one of those stupid things..."
(Estabrook & Lancaster, 2008)
1988 Award of Merit, first Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award, 1970, 1974, 1978, and 1992 best book of the year on information science
Honors and Awards Recipient
x3! Usually only two allowed
1978 Ralph Shaw Award for outstanding contribution to the literature of library science

1989 G. K. Hall Award of the American Library Association for best book on library science
Credited for laying foundation for online retrieval systems; fine tuning measurement & evaluation in libraries; predicting a "paperless society" in 1977; and leaving an everlasting impact on his students.
“Wilf was a wonderful scholar, teacher, and colleague. His influence on our field is both deep and wide and continues to be regenerated by his many former students. I will miss his intelligence, his provocative questions and his wit. He was a model of a whole human being in his love for his work and his love for his family." - Leigh Estabrook, professor & dean emerita University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign (Haricombe & Prabha, 2008)

"The Internet, developments in technology, and great leaps forward in software, standards, and digitization have made Lancaster look clairvoyant." - Carol Tenopir, Professor at the School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Tenopir, 2008)
"I remember him as an excellent professor, advisor, and mentor."
- Becky Lyon, Former Student (Haricombe & Prabha, 2008)

Mrs. Cesaria Lancaster
, and children
Miriam Meyer
Owen Lancaster
Jude Lancaster
Aaron Lancaster
Lakshmi Hanumanthappa
, and
Raji Hanumanthappa
Presented by:
Apodaca, Michael
Fischer, Charles
Hernandez, Marlon
Sidon, Yanira

"We need more warm librarians."
(Lancaster, 1999)

, 20
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