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Storybirds fly!

No description

Julie Pacaro

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Storybirds fly!

Help Your Students' Ideas Take Flight! . . . WITH STORY BIRDS What Is a Storybird? A Storybird is a form of collaborative storytelling.
It is basically a picture book you can create alone or with a friend
to get your ideas across through words and images. What Does a Storybird Look Like? Here's a sample Storybird... Where Do I Find Storybirds? On the Storybird website.
The web address is:

http://storybird.com/ How can I Use Storybird in my classroom? What Kinds of Things Can I Do on Storybird? CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO WATCH THE INTRODUCTORY VIDEO How Do I Create a Story on Storybird? Creating a story on Storybird is easy! Storybird has a WHOLE SECTION devoted JUST TO EDUCATORS: Then, you'd type the word "princess" in the search bar, to find pictures of princesses (for use in your story). Let's say you wanted to write a story about a princess:
First, you'd go to the search bar on the right and click on "art." TO MAKE A STORY, SIMPLY...

(1)Start writing where it says "Start writing here...;"

(2)Drag and drop artwork onto the page from the spot labeled "Find artwork here;"

(3)Add pages where it says "Add pages here;"

(4) Invite others to join in (if you want) where it says "Invite others here;" and

(5) Create a cover (the same way you did the story pages) by clicking where it says "Cover."

It's THAT easy! Here's what our finished princess page looks like . . . Once you have completed the story, simply select "Publish this storybird..." from the drop-down menu, and you''l publish your storybird as a finished book on the website! That's it! Now you're an Author! ...As you can see from the video, you can use the website to create stories, share stories, read stories, and develop libraries and reading lists. How Do I Sign Up? To sign up for Storybird, simply click on the "sign up" link, located in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Then, Choose your type of account. And, finally, fill out the form provided... Here's what your homepage will look like when you're done What Do People Think of Storybird? And . . . Using Storybird in the Classroom Is EASY! The "Classes" section of the site allows you to . . . Here's What the Whole "Classes" Page Looks like: Create a Class Group Here Make Class Assignments Here Have a Class Library Here And Comment on Student Writing Right Here,
under the Story You're Reading Here's a Sample Class Assignment Add Students Here Monitor Student progress on Assignments Here (Just click on a student's name, and you'll be able to see their progress and view their work...) What kinds of Storybirds Can My Class Make?

ANY KIND! A Story... A Poem... A Book about Science and Lab Safety... A Math Book... A Biography... A Book about History... A Story about a Class Trip... A Student Piece on Romeo and Juliet... What Are Storybirds? Any Drawbacks? Can I Print or Download My Stories? Yes! You Can Download your stories to save or print from your desktop (current fee is $1.95)
You can order a publishing-house quality version of the book (current price starts at $14.95) For more information on how to buy stories, simply click on the commerce FAQ (frequently asked questions) from the help menu Two small drawbacks I found are:
1. You can only use art from
the website in your stories.
2. The amount of words you can
put on a page is limited. (a Prezi by Julie Pacaro) (image courtesy of photobucket.com) (image courtesy of pilkey.com) http://www.pilkey.com/music.php http://photobucket.com/images/woman%20thinking/
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