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No Good Deed: a novel in progress

No description

Christina Lynch

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of No Good Deed: a novel in progress

The Author The author expresses irritation with Emily, who is trying to hijack the story. Emily Emily is struck by lightning, which prompts a hallucination in which she sees Athena, who says the Greek gods are using her as a litmus test of whether they should destroy all humanity or not. It is the ambulance carrying Emily that causes the car accident in which the dog goes missing. Inciting incident There's a car crash in LA. A couple is killed instantly. Their daughter is unhurt, and the family dog, also unhurt, disappears in the chaos. Greg Greg is the paramedic who worked on Emily. He goes home afterwards to learn that his girlfriend is leaving him for their priest. Greg remembers that it was when his phone rang and the caller ID showed the priest's name that the accident happened. He also thinks about his ex-girlfriend Gina. Gina Gina is living in Vermont in an unheated cabin. She is trying to live as green as possible, but this has led her to hook up with an animal activist who infiltrated a pig farm, where Gina was party to the death of a worker. No one realized it wasn't an accident. Gina sends a pair of binoculars as a retirement gift to her father, Cooper. Cooper Cooper has just retired from the CIA and is depressed. He spies on the neighbors, but a trip to the car wash leads to self-help tape that leads him to decide to pursue, off the books, an old enemy, a terrorist named Athena. My novel in progress No Good Deed Fabiola Fabiola works at the car wash. She has a gun in her pocket that she stole from her mother's boyfriend, afraid that he would use it on one of them. She hides the gun in her locker at her second job, at a Mexican restaurant. Emily On Emily's last day of work before moving to New Jersey, she realizes that one of her students had a prosthetic leg and she never noticed before. Sarah Sarah is Emily's mother, whom Emily thinks died on a missionary trip many years earlier. Sarah is living in the Far East and, after attempting to rescue a child prostitute and failing, she has become a gun for hire. Emily Emily feels that the gods are watching her. Her husband, a neuroscientist, thinks she has some interesting and unusual brain activity. Author My mentor hates this chapter and wants me to cut it, but the author steps in to express annoyance with how the story is going. She wants to find the missing dog, but instead the story is, she realizes, a picaresque novel inside her own brain, where the two roadtrippers are the author and the reader, the vehicle is the book, and the journey is from synapse to synapse. She reaffirms her intention to find the dog. Frannie The little girl from the inciting car crash, she is now living with her aunt and uncle and trying to make psychic contact with the dog based on an article she read about shared brain waves in mice. Buster The dog is being a dog, but also looking for Frannie. He gets picked up by a woman. Alessandra Alessandra's boyfriend is allergic to dogs. She thinks about moving back to Italy with the dog.
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