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Gene Monahan

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Slaves

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Slaves Housing
Slaves got very little sleep because of how long they had to work. They had very uncomfortable, wooden beds. Three or four at the most slept on one bed. Slaves had very small houses and nearly seven to ten lived in each house.
Slaves and how they were treated
Slaves were treated very badly. When they did something wrong they were whipped, hanged, or even killed. They had to work for hours a day. When they were not working their hands usually were chained together.
What slaves have done
Slaves have been a help to building our nation. People in our nation like slaves and people do not like slaves. Slaves have been a huge help to our country.
Percentage of Slaves in Northern states
Slaves Came to American colonies
Slaves first came to America when the first African slaves came to an American colony called Virginia. They came to Jamestown Virginia in the year of 1619. Slavery was practiced throughout the American colonies.
Percentage of Slaves in southern states
Underground Railroad
A very well known slave, Harriet Tubman became a runaway slave and would sneak into peoples houses as she was trying to get to the North. She eventually would make trips to get other slaves and bring the to the North where they would be free. As her and other slaves were going to the North if some one wanted to turn back she would pull a gun and say "Be free or die a slave". She made about 19 trips to Maryland and freed almost 300 slaves. It is said that she has never failed to deliver a "passenger".
Civil War
In the 19th century the northern states were against slavery. They did not want it spreading in the North. Due to the North not wanting slavery the American Civil War started. Eventually all Northern states/colonies abolished slavery.
Here are
some extra assets :
Slaves Work
Slaves worked a lot. They mostly worked on a field. They planted indigo plants, tobacco, and rice. They barely got any food considering how hard they worked. Cotton became a popular crop also. England also demanded cotton.
Henry Colyer
This is how some slaves looked.
Slaves looked like this after being whipped
These are slaves beds.
These are some slaves houses.
On the left in this picture is the North and the American flag and on the right is the South and the Confederate flag.

Here is the slave percentage in Southern States. It is a bigger total of slaves then it is in the North.
In this picture it says free states are blue and most of the northern states are blue.
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