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8.10 (A) Convection Currents

No description

Toan Huynh

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of 8.10 (A) Convection Currents

When Hot meets Cold lab
Engage 1

Infinity Paper Airplane

Engage 2
Water convection current demo
Demo using the convection current water tank.

Explain PreAP extension
Write and draw how a hot air balloon works.

Explore 1: Air Convection Current Lab
Geo Box Convection LAB DEMO
Students will recognize that warm fluids rise and cooler more dense fluids falls, creating convection currents.
Activity: Convection Currents Demo
Class Time: 20 minutes

Show the class the attached Bill Nye video clip to explain the process of convection. START at 1:37. STOP the video at 2:32.
Turn and talk to your lab partner about what you think Bill Nye was explaining

8.10 (A) Convection Currents
Have students explain why the paper airplane flyies forever
Why does ice float if cold is more dense than hot?
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