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Western Civ 2-Absolutism

No description

Margaret Peacock

on 14 January 2019

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Transcript of Western Civ 2-Absolutism

The Age of Absolutism: France
The Portrait of Louis XIV by Hyacinth Rigaud (1701)
It all starts with Henry IV who founds the Bourbon line in 1698. Subsequent kings move swiftly to consolidate power and limit the power of the nobles. They begin to envision a new kind of state built on the absolute power of a monarch. This is new.
Young Louis and the Fronde:

Louis XIV ascends to the throne at the age of four (1643)

The nobles see their chance…

The Fronde begins at court, is quickly taken up by the Paris Parlemant, then by the people of Paris. Much of the nobility and some towns join the cause.

The Frondeur state rules France in Louis’ name from 1651-1652. It proves inefficient and corrupt and Louis and Mazarin are returned by popular mandate in 1652.

But Louis never forgets...
So Louis Takes Charge and Begins to Pursue Absolutism

There are Five Rules to Absolutism... (these are mine, not his)

The king must be godlike.
The king must be in control.
The king must be wealthy.
The king must impose religious conformity on his subjects.
The king must have an army.
1. The King Must be Godlike
Louis is now God’s lieutenant.

He begins to brand himself.
The King's Bedchamber
Louis builds Versailles
3. The King Must be Wealthy
5. The King Must Have an Army
Louis creates the most professional fighting force in Europe.
In France, the solution was ABSOLUTISM, which became the way to restore order and to create a modern state, where the population owed its allegiances to one man, the king.
Which of the Five Rules of Absolutism was most important?
1. The king must be god-like.
2. The king must be in control of his government.
3. The king must be wealthy.
4. The king must enforce religious conformity.
5. The king must have an army.
Why does French Absolutism matter in the history of Europe?
2. The King Must Be in Control
Les Intendants
Louis' finance ministers: Nicolas Fouquet and Jean Baptiste Colbert. Neither are of noble birth.
Rule 4: The King Must have Religious Conformity
The document revoking the Edict of Nantes
The Huguenots
Louis revokes the Edict of Nantes
What is new about Louis XIV's program?
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