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DACIA - international marketing strategies

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ioana simona

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of DACIA - international marketing strategies

1966 1999 2013 get-go Romanian car
established at Mioveni Renault purchased 51% of the company’s share capital
The company has undergone a groundbreaking modernization program: upgrading the industrial installations, reconstruction of the commercial network and reorganization of the supplier’s network comfort space economy safety for all tastes services design quality penetration pricing strategy based on low prices to discourage competition PRICE Logan has starting price of 5,900 eur SUV Duster starting price at 10,500 eur The Pricing strategy aimed to maintain the price level of Dacia models as low as possible and with as small margin as possible low-cost idea has become something great, like and The price could not be lowered more Promotion The aim of the product is to target customer needs and segments where price is the first priority. Dacia’s international marketing starts from the concept of “Social revolution. Outrageously affordable.” The main objectives of the promotional campaign are:
• Building a positive product perceptions among potential customers as to underline the quality, usefulness and reliability of the car;
• Promote potential among clients who own a family image "family car", spacious and very practical;
• Create long term relationships with customers;
• Dacia gives you and all your friends plenty of room for fun and reasons to be happy. Distribution Dacia products are assembled in Pitesti, RO. From here go to export to most European markets, as well as for North-African markets. Dacia uses two assembly factories in Morocco for Logan Lodgy / Dokker: SOMACA Renault (Casablanca) and Renault's new fabric from Tanger Dacia exports packages preproduced parts to be assembled in the following fabrics:
•SOFASA - Envigado, Columbia
•Avtoframos - Moscova, Rusia
•Iran Khodro and Iran Pars, Iran
•Ayrton Senna - Curitiba, Brazilia
•Mahindra Renault, India
•Nissan South Africa, South Africa Dacia: From Romania to French Guyana Visibility
in the world... Participation of the greatest auto shows:
Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt Sponsoring competitions AXA Adidas adventure racing team Sweeden Rally Aïcha des Gazelles Trophée Andros Encourages cultural activities International marketing... Brand loyalty Communication in social media... Publicity... Initially social communications were centered on personal networks and more precisely on Facebook.
Then the marketing experts saw that they should move to listening to the buzz on the net and what was being said about them.
The whole content strategy was based on increasing the level of satisfaction for customers when they wanted to engage with Dacia.
And then beyond the core digital communication tools, Dacia had to bring social upstream into the long product development cycles that are typical for the automotive industry.
Once they did that, they could more easily bring specific customer feedback into the process of any product specification changes.
Dacia is testing the limits of the marketing strategy. Two limited edition of Dacia Sandero can be bought only from the Facebook page of Dacia Italy. One year after launching the Facebook page of Dacia Duster Italy, the subsidiary of the Romanian car manufacturer has created more similar pages for each model in the portfolio. During the promotional campaign, Dacia will sell in Italy, exclusively through Facebook, two Sandero models, priced EUR 8,500, respectively 13,500 euro. There are three general marketing strategies for Dacia:
a) In Romania. Local market, market leader – promote pride and confidence
b) In developing countries, such as Algeria, Morroco, Turkey, a more traditional approach
c) On saturated markets in Western Europe, Dacia plays a more revolutionary role – “cross the line, dare” ! Dacia was the fastest growing brand on market in Western Europe in the first half of 2009 (+ 99.8%)
Two thirds of Dacia sales are made for export
Dacia main markets are France (2.13% market share, entered the top 10 brands) and Germany (2.13% market share)
Dacia has recorded the strongest rise in sales of all brands of Western Europe market (+ 29.2%)
Dacia has become a major player in the local auto market in Maroc and Algeria
Duster awards :
2012 Top Gear Bargain of the Year
2012 FHM Best when you're short of cash
2012 Scottish SUV of the Year
2012 Scottish Car of the Year
2012 Scottish Budget car of the Year
2011 4x4 of the Year – 4x4 magazine (France)
2011 4x4 of the Year – L’Automobile magazine (France)
2011 « 2011 Trophée de l’Argus » (France) In France thousands of people get together in the summer for the Dacia Picnic.
This picnic was created from the online community of Dacia customers and is totally organized by this community.
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