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The First Americans and creation stories

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Courtney Krause

on 11 November 2011

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Transcript of The First Americans and creation stories

The First americans Migration Theories and Native American Creation Stories It is important to note that the "first americans" refer to the people who first migrated to North America and Native Americans are their descendents.

But how did they get here? But there are several theories such as: The Land Bridge Theory It's hard to know 100% because there are no written records. Scientists have to piece together bits and pieces of information through the artifacts they find and processes like Carbon Dating that measure how much Carbon-14 is in an object. Also known as the Bering Land Bridge theory
Popular theory during the 20th century
Idea of a land bridge existing between Alaska and Northern Asia approximately 15,000-20,000 years ago
55 mile
Non-sedentary people migrated over the bridge in search of food and large game and brought over tools and other goods for survial

Watercraft Migration Theories Pacific Coastal Model people reached the Americas by traveling on the water following coastlines
help explain how people were able to reach areas such as places in South America very far from the Bering Straight and location of the Bering Land Bridge Boat Builders from SE Asia thought to be perhaps the earliest to reach North America's shores
one theory suggests these people traveled by boats from the Kuril Islands near Japan

Atlantic Coastal Model this theory suggests that people from Europe are actually the earliest settlers
Came during the Ice Age and followed the edge of the ice sheet along the Atlantic using skills similar to modern day Inuits

Soon these settlements of people turned into civilizations. They had:
written records
Different Groups were forming and adapting to the reigion in which they lived. It is through these groups of people that Native American Tribes are formed.

Native American tribes then created their own creation stories
to explain how the world and their tribe was formed. O
E Now it's YOUR turn!
You get to write your own Native American creation story! When writing your story consider the following: where does your story take place? (does it start with creating your planet or home? Does it start with an animal? Does it involve multiple worlds?) Does your story have a main character or multiple characters? (Does it center around one character or many? Are all the characters human? are they animals? are there both humans and animals?) Is the story continuous? (does it follow a sequence of events or does it focus on one event?) What does your story symbolize? (what does your story tell us about your tribe?) symbolic story that describes how the world began and how people came to inhabit (live) in it. They help people relate to both the spiritual and natural world and even to each other. They develop as an oral (spoken) tradition. A creation story is a Groups started to become more sedentary due to various factors such as agriculture.
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