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Business Writing

Need to be solved!

Willy Lee

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Business Writing

Business Writing Solution Unprofessional Writing Affects Business Common business writing problems lead to disastrous consequences:

Inappropriate emails
embarrassing clientcommunications
poor spelling and grammar

and then...

Unhappy clients
Employee actions
Lost sales
Increased costs
IPS Solution IPS not only solves all the problems mentioned, but can also show you how to cut writing time in half through knowing how to structure every email you write so you know what to say before your fingers hit the keyboard. This 2 day course will enable participants to leave with templates structured for different scenarios. Take your work back as well as your templates and share them with your team.
Objectives (2 days) Topics to be covered
Identify their writing challenges
Make their writing clear, concise, and correct
Improve sentence construction and paragraph development
Identify ways to make their writing simpler and easier to read
Use the readability index
Develop effective business letters for tough situations
Use proper e-mail etiquette
Develop an appropriate writing style and format for letters, business cases, and reports
Use standard ways of documenting materials
Presents Trainer: Alistair McArthur Alistair's ten years experience in China has enabled him to attain an understanding of the China business market and develop his Chinese language skills. He has been involved in business having consulted for companies both in China and abroad, while having been the Sales and Marketing Director in IPS for over two years.

Alistair’s energetic and enthusiastic style of training has entertained trainees and made him very popular with his multi-national clients. He has been involved in training companies such as Siemens, Microsoft, Grand Hyatt Hotel and the International School of Beijing.

Will Benefit Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and professionals using email and writing letters on a daily basis.
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