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1920's Charity Murder Mystery

No description

stacey gill

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of 1920's Charity Murder Mystery

Overview Success?? Was it a Development of Skills “Innovation is driven by the ability to see connections, to spot opportunities and to take advantage of them” Bissent and Tidd (2007) Yes !!!! Feedback Evaluation Personal Contribution Creativity Summary Desired Outcome... Nature Of Event Audience Process Trio Events raised £452.39 !! The charity event that took place for Barnardos and Sheffield Mencap and Gateway was a 1920’s themed murder mystery. By using our creative initiatives we strategically planned the overall event differently to the normal murder mystery evening. Number of Tickets Sold
= 70 !! This number of guests was perfect for us, and we actually had to stop selling tickets as we didnt want the event to be over crowded and uncomfortable for the guests. Including volunteers, management team and the actors there was in total around 90 people in the room. The room capacity was 120. Our target audience wasnt anyone specific.
Anyone that was looking for an evening of fab entertainment, light snacks, and a cheeky drink! Students Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Sheffield City Council Random people that wanted a murder mystery evening University Tutors Friends of Actors Couples Groups of work Colleagues The charity event attracted: Great Success !! How?? Trio Events used several strategies that enabled the event to be a great success!! The Bear! Guess the name of the bear played a huge part in the success of our event. This fringe activity rasied over £100 alone. The flow of events were devised carefully so all guests would understand and be able to follow the evening easily. So... How did the idea come together? Team meetings at least once a week! Trio Events original idea of a sportsman dinner was cancelled due to not enough time in our busy third year schedule.

We gained an extra member of the group just as we changed our idea to the 1920's Murder Mystery and Emma proved to be a great asset to our team! Individual Roles Me: Guess the bear, Raffle Prizes, Fringe Activities, Props Cat: Finance, Flow of Events, Design of murder plot Liz: Tickets, Cash Operator, Posters Emma: Props, Raffle Prizes Individual Roles were given at the first stages of our new event concept “Innovation is consistently found to be the most characteristic associated with success” Bissent and Tidd (2007) The most productive innovation is a different product or service creating new potential of satisfaction, rather than an improvement…Innovation may be finding new uses for old products." Drucker, (1999) As a company Trio Events wanted to use creative ways in putting on a successful event raising as much money possible for both charities. After visiting Sheffield Mencap & Gateway and seeing the hard work that goes into the charity and all the happy people and benefits that the charity help aid, it became aware that all the hard work we put in would be paid off and we gained a sense of pride knowing what the money was going to be used for.

Sheffield Mencap & Gateway wanted to provide a new sports hall and our desired outcome was to help out at much as we could to achieve towards their goal! Welcome Drink (FREE!!)
Time to wonder round, get a photo taken in the photobooth.
A murder happens...
Questioning time?! Whos done it... This was a chance for attendees to quiz all suspects.
A summary of the overall night.. and the murderer was announced!
Raffle and Guess the bear prizes announced and guests were free to leave at their own ease.
One of our Actors had contacts with The Sheffield Star and they wrote us up a mini Article: Trio Events created a Facebook, an easy way of connecting with people and promoting our event! Shush! Our event was also promoted on Sheffield Hallams Showbiz Hub, and Sheffield Chamber of Commerce website! Promotion was Key... Especially with so many other events ongoing at the same time. Trio Events did this superb;y, resulting in a wide variety of audience demographics. The six thinking hats is a great technique by Edward De Bono which allows you to look at a decision from all points of view. When deciding on the type of event and activities we wanted to propose for our charity event we had to look at it from different aspects and this was a great tool to use. It allowed us to understand the complexity, spot issues and opportunities we may not have noticed. Stacey is a very approachable and extremely friendly and bubbly individual. Working with her over the last year has been extremely fun and rewarding even if times haven't gone as smooth as we anticipated ( i.e having to change our event idea). Nevertheless Stacey has an innate ability to remain calm under pressure and nothing seems to fault her. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and thinks about the extra attention to detail. As Stacey continues her career i would encourage her to develop her confidence and organisational skills and I would not hesitate to work with her again! Feed Back ' I have really enjoyed working with Liz, Stacey and Emma . I think we worked really well as a team and supported each other throughout the whole process. We communicated effectively and having Emma join us in January was an asset as we were able to assign roles and responsibilities, sharing the workload out. As a group our strength lay within our ability to work co-cooperatively and also independently and there was high levels of trust amongst us. There is little suggestion I could make to improve our team, however if we were to do this again i would recommend undertaking a few more group feedback meetings to ensure everyone remains updated with each others progress and we don't conflict each others workload. I really enjoyed my time with them all and would not hesitate to do it again'.
Group Feed Back ' Really enjoyable evening.. Loved it!' 'Best event ive worked on so far! :)' - Volunteer ' One of the best murder mystery evenings ive been to, Very well organised. Well done! ' ' Maybe an introduction to the evening but overall a very fun night and i won on the raffle- Bonus! ' ' Fab ! ' Really great girls to work with, enjoyed every minute! Would work alongside them again. Overall my time with Trio Evnts has been a pleaure. Working with the girls and having the opportunity to do this module has both boosted my self confidence and helped me gain and develop proffessional skills. As a group we worked so well together, each having individual roles and bringing our own strengths to help achieve the best possible results. Trio Events worked at a very proffessional standard throught the planning and evaluation stages of the event. This was done by doing the following: Creating a hotmail account to contact anyone involved in the event, this being venue owner, actors, volunteers, companies for raffle prizes etc. Created professional Business Cards Had weekly updates and meetings on what stage we were upto, keeping everyone involved informed also. Motivation and support to and from each member of the group After the event we sent out thankyou emails to everyone involved, this building great relationships. Meetings with actors, volunteers, event briefing, delivery of roles. etc. Overall I think Trio Events put on a fantastic event that every guest thoroughly enjoyed and Im pleased with the result and contribution we made for the charities.

If we were to do this again, I wouldnt change a lot. With the organisational side of things we could have been a bit more careful as sometimes we would get things mixed up or double email a client. Maybe having a seperate email account for each role would work better next time! A great bunch of girls who i have sincerley enjoyed working with!! Motivation was a key driver to success for our group with everyone supporting each other the whole way through the project. ‘Motivation is a drive within a person to try to achieve a goal, to meet a want or need.’ (Weightman, 1999) The way in which Trio Events used the idea of a murder mystery evening but turned it into our own way was a creative approach. The flow of the event was creative in itself and the venue added to the great atmosphere and was the perfect choice! Having the photobooth as an added actvity was a great asset to the event and proved really successfull, everyone enjoyed it! ‘When a team is performing at its best, you’ll usually find that each team member has clear responsibilities. Just as importantly, you’ll see that every role needed to achieve the team’s goal is being performed fully and well.’ (Belbin 1993) Self Awareness: As the end of the final year semester sets upon us it allows you to take a look at the position of your degree and allows you to set yourself aims for the last few assignments to achieve what you are capable of. You become aware towards the end of your final year what your strengths and weaknesses are and learn to apply these and improve further upon your weaknesses by studying harder on those areas, this module has widened my knowledge and I now know my capabilities.

Stress tolerance: has included a lot of big assignments and hand in dates all around the same dates. This proved a difficult time for everyone and stress levels were high. I learnt to control this by using my organisational ability and time management and producing a strict work schedule in which I stuck by to ensuring I didn’t slip behind.

Self Confidence and Initiative: As well as developing on our creativity skills we adapted the ability and confidence to work on our own using our initiatives playing off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This was a valuable part of the year for me and we managed to pull off an extremely successful event which i am extremeely proud of us all for. My personal role in the group was to take control of Guess the name of the bear and the onther fringe activities that would be ongoing throughout and in the lead upto the event. Organisational skills were key for this role, nad professionalism when approaching local businesses asking for donations as prizes. Promoting of the event and selling tickets were also jobs that we had to undertake and it was key to push this as much as we could, which in the end turned out to be a sell out which was fab! I was also in charge of the creative side of things and took control of the design and attention to detail in the decorations as this is something I enjoy doing and will be in my future career as a wedding planner, which i am looking very much forward to. The skills i have gained throughout this module have developed all my skills even further and i cant wait to put them into practice! 1920's Charity Murder Mystery
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