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Welcome to Plato

No description

Veronica Emmendorfer

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Plato

Welcome to Plato
Online Credit Recovery Class
Greetings from
Mrs. Emmendorfer!
Welcome to Plato class. You will be given the opportunity to complete classes online to receive valuable credits for your academic success. If you stayed FOCUSED and ATTEND CLASS, you will be unstoppable!
Taking Notes
You are required to take notes
and will be provided with a notebook for class use. You are encouraged to work on Plato at home in addition to class. Therefore, you are able to take your notebook home. BUT DON'T FORGET TO BRING IT BACK!
-Kellwood Alternative High School Code of Conduct
-East Detroit Public Schools Technology Code of Conduct,
-All school policies- including classroom guidelines.
You will need the following on a daily basis:

-writing utensil
-Plato notebook
-positive attitude
is SO important! The more time you spend on Plato, the more opportunity you give yourself to finish the class early and either
are done with Plato and may not have to show up or
get to move on to a new course you need. Upon completion of a course, you will talk with Ms. Wysinger.
Notes may be used for the following:
-Mastery Tests -Post Tests
The End of Semester Test is a different story...
When taking your final, you may use a 5x8 index card of condensed notes. Whatever you can fit on the index card, you may use. However, the teacher may use her/his discretion on whether or not the card is acceptable and you must turn your card in after your test.
You will be provided with a Plato notebook. You are responsible for bringing this to class EVERY DAY.
Raise your hand and I'll get to you as soon as I can (this is where patience comes in!).
If we notice you're skipping class but still working on Plato, you may get blocked until you come to school.
Occasionally, you may experience technical difficulties. Please be patient and let Mrs. E know what's going on. Refrain from the following:
Plato is self guided and you will need to use your time wisely. You are allowed the entire semester to complete a course from start to finish. I can't stress enough the importance of taking notes; You are REQUIRED. No notes, no Post Test or End of Semester Test (more about that in a moment). If you do not finish the end of semester test for your first course by the end of the semester, you will receive an F for the course.
Pretest: take it seriously for it will exempt you from what you know and leave only what you need to learn or refresh. This will save you a lot of time in the long run! And you can only take it once.
If you see anything with a blue star after your pretest, you are exempt from that! :D

Mastery Tests:
you must get 60% or higher to pass this test
(regardless of whether or not the system states you didn't pass). Go over the tutorial again to unlock the test.
Post Tests: MUST be completed at school and are not allowed to be done at home. 60% or higher is considered passing. But MASTERY is 80% or higher! Let's aim for that!
Course, continued...
You are required to complete anything that says "tutorial" and "test," including practice tests.
Explorations, discussions, etc. don't need to be completed. However, you may find some useful information for notes in them!
Policies and Procedures will be gone over more thoroughly. But as a general rule, you are not to use the teacher's computer and there is ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED in the computer lab. You will be made to throw it away immediately. Candy and gum count as food.
End of Semester Test: to be completed once your entire course is finished and approved by Mrs. E. You will be given time to study and then will take the test Paper/Pencil.
All students must log in to the computer using the kwplato login. Exceptions will be discussed and noted.
Some of the courses have sound and headphones will be necessary. **PLATO TAKES PRIORITY OVER MUSIC**

Students are allowed to use their phones to listen to music, but again, they MUST use head phones and listen at a reasonable (unhearable to outsiders) volume.

If you can't control your urge to use your phone for things other than music, then do not use your phone
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