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Radiologist vs.Pediatrician

Comparison of two careers

Nikita Paturu

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Radiologist vs.Pediatrician

Radiologist vs.Pediatrician Careers SS Amount($) Salaries of both careers ( without being much busy) Who is a radiologist?: A radiologist is a physician who reads MRI , X Rays , CT Scans, and ultrasounds, barium enema, upper GI test. They might use radioactive equipment, to focus on medical imaging, while others focus on treating cancer. Benefits: You can take your work with you since, Radiology is mostly technology based. Sometimes Radiologists can even read images from home or even on vacation through the internet. They don’t need to schedule appointments with patients since, its interpreting images. Also, Radiologists can work 40 hours a week, while most doctors work 60 hours a week in other specialties. Vacation is 8-12 weeks which is double the other physicians. Salary: Annually Radiologists normally earn $200,000-$300,000. Starting Radiologists earn around $100,000 and $150,000. Radiologists that work in good, well paying hospitals can earn $500,000 a year. Your salary depends on your work experience, and what you are specialized in. But salary can increase as more work experience is added. Work Atmosphere: Radiologists spend most of their time interpreting images. They have limited patient follow-up which means they don’t have much patient contact. Most of the day is spent in front of the computer screen. Who is a Pediatrician?: A pediatrician is a doctor who cares for children, that is their specialization. They also require several years of medical school ( of course), and also years in residency. They can also sub specialize if they wanted to like oncology or orthopedics, but must complete more residency years. A pediatrician cares/sees children from their birth to until they turn around 18. Children have unique illnesses that adults don’t so special doctors are needed, which are the pediatricians. Salary: The first few years you would make from $130,000-135,000 annually. Which will increase with experience and knowledge to $155,000-$170,000, the most busiest pediatricians would make $300,000 a year. It really isn’t that much compared to a Radiologist. Benefits of a pediatrician: The salary that is payed,Job security : Pediatricians will always be needed,flexability of hours .More education means more vacation. Can 40 hours a week, while others work 60.There are 2.6 to 3.3 weeks of vacation per year. Radiologists get more vacation time than Pediatricians,Radiologists get 8-12 weeks, while Pediatricians get 2.6-3.3 weeks. As you can see, its 5.4-8.7 more for a Radiologist than a Pediatrician.
Pediatricians have more patient contact,than Radiologists. This is because Pediatricians have to see children,while Radiologists read MRI Scans, X-rays,and those types. So Radiologists spend more time infront of the computer reading them,than seeing patients. But as a Radiologist, you can also choose to do the actual MRI Scans,X-Rays,and other types yourself. Pediatricians have to do less years of residency than Radiologists do. A Pediatrician's residency is 3 years,at the same time a Radiologists residency is 5 years, since they have to learn more tech wise. Why career was chosen: I chose both a Radiologist and a Pediatrician because I didn’t know which one I wanted to be. I was meddling between to careers which were a Radiologist and a Pediatrician, so I thought I should research about them to find out the Pros and Cons of each career. Aptitude Test Results: I was high in Health Service and I was more persuasive . I also got that I was clerical which means I enjoy routine office work, I also was high in Social( Helpers),Enterprising(Persuading),and Artistic(creators).

Has Aptitude Results Influenced choices?: The aptitude test results really didn’t influence my two choices at all, other than getting a high score in Health Service. Because, I had a mind set that I wanted to be one of those to career choices. So I made use of this opportunity to research these two careers. Work atmosphere: They spend their time mostly with young patients. So unlike a Radiologist they have a lot of patient contact. By: Nikita Paturu
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