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Biblical Allusions - Abraham and Isaac

AP Literature and Composition, Biblical Allusions Assignment

Lois Quaye

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Biblical Allusions - Abraham and Isaac

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Images from Shutterstock.com Abraham and Issac By: Lois Quaye
Pd.2 Message/Theme The overall message in the story is that at the end of a trying, difficult situation (such as sacrifice) loyalty/faith is rewarded. One should be able to always trust in God, because He will always provide a way for that person, regardless of whether the person likes God’s plan or not. Example in Literature Summary Abraham and his wife prayed for a son for years. Although they were very old, God promised them that He would grant them a child and Abraham would be a father of many nations. In time, the Lord surely did this. However, God eventually decided to test Abraham's faith and loyalty to him by asking him to sacrifice his one and only son. Despite the love Abraham had for Isaac, he put the love of God first and took Isaac to Mount Moriah. As He was about to slay his son, God stopped him and spared Isaac's life because Abraham obviously passed this test of faith by demonstrating his willingness to fulfill God's request. Fail Safe by Eugene Burdick & Harvey Wheeler.

In the chapter of the book entitled "The Choice of Abraham", it tells of a pilot carrying out an attack in which he knows his son will die. However, he puts this aside because he knows that it if goes through with it, it will save more lives. In the novel Billy Budd by Herman Melville

The maritime law tests the loyalty of Captain Vere when Billy Budd is condemned to death. In the end, Captain Vere remains composed and resolute by following the maritime law instead of personal moral convictions. Captain Vere can be compared to Abraham because driven by duty by a higher power (like Abraham by God) to sacrifice a sailor who has grown on him as if he were his own son (Billy). Example in Literature Example in Literature In the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Okonkwo faces a trying situation to sacrifice Ikemefuna, a village boy who has come to be as if a son to him. Since Okonkwo (Abraham) is a Elder of the village, it is his duty and order by a higher power (the oracle) to sacrifice Ikemafuna (Isaac). Although he is urged not to do so by the chief Elder, he carries out the duty anyway as a way to stay loyal to his inner self by remaining "manly", something that his father could never do. This is not an exact reflection of the Abraham & Isaac story, because Okonkwo's intentions were wrong; however, it definiely alludes to it. The story of Abraham and Isaac exempliflies the idea of giving up what one truly loves for what they believe in and know is right. Abraham was defininely rewarded for his selflessness and obedience to God. THE END!
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