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Jo Liu

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of English

Thesis statement
Digital native and digital immigrants
Jo, Joyce, Irene
Digital natives:

Meaning people were born early and they do not know much about digital age, when they are face of digital technology and digital culture, they must through more difficult experience to study.
There is a large gap between digital natives and digital immigrants, the reasons of that is their ways of thinking and approaching things are so different.
What is the conflict between them?
The teacher against the students to use electronic products.
Natives usually think that they are equal or better than their professors.
Digital generation refuse to accept the passive education.
Reason for digital divide

A lot causes of the digital divide , from an economic point of view, due to the relatively weak economic foundation, makes the hardware into the certain gap, but the cause of the digital divide is main or concept, understanding problems.
How to solve this problem?
The education system must change and catch up with the modern.
Schools can include games in education and help make learning fun.
DeGraff, J 2014,
Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants. Available
Digital immigrants:
Digital divide on education
Difference between
digital natives
digital immigrants
The conflict between digital natives and digital immigrants in family
It's time to do some cultural anthropology and the appropriate adjustments.Our family, the classroom and the enterprise will be better.
Parents often look at the young ones spending long hours in front of a computer screen and are concerned with what they assume is isolation or addiction.
Teachers look at texting and Facebooking during class and view technology as an enemy to learning.
Managers may view young workers as uncommitted or disrespectful due to misunderstanding regarding cultural and style differences
What is the conflict between them ?
Many deeply concerned and discouraged parents label their children "addict" for the extensive time they spend online.
Otherwise, most of these immigrants exclude use high-tech products.
Why does this problem happened?
The immigrant concern with children when they are "all alone" in their rooms is addicting in using technology.

Based on lack of understanding that the natives usually text rather than talk on the phone, and often prefer to hang out on Twitter or Facebook on their smartphone, rather than in the local party, on the street or at the town square. The communication between parents and children become harder and harder.
How to deal with this conflict?
With some effort and attention, the relationship between natives and immigrants will become closer and closer.
Parents should change their thinking, and understand and honor their children.
The Conflict Between Digital Native and Digital Immigration
in Workplace
What Are the Issues?
How to slove this
digital natives will perform better under circumstances that suit their preferred
working style.
The positive part of relationship between digital natives and immegrants
Prensky, M 2001,
Do They Really Think Differently. Available from:<

Internet slang
Despite the communication between digital natives and immigrants can promote the development of society, it also has explode generation clash between them.

To improve work efficiency by using technology
To broaden horizon

To achieve goals quickly
To use focused resources in building things to scale

What can digital natives teach digital immigrants?

What can digital immigrants teach digital natives?
DeGraff, J 2014,
Digital Natives v. Digital Immigrants
. Available from:<http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/innovation-you/201406/digital-natives-v-digital-immigrants>[1 September 2014]

Meader, D 2012,
Cell Phones in School: Embrace Them or Ban Them
? Available from:<http://teaching.about.com/od/admin/f/Embrace-Cell-Phones-Or-Ban-Them.htm>. [1 September 2014]

Feeney, L. 2010.
Digital denizens. In Instructional technology resources: In the spotlight. The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey website, Retrieved Jan., 29, 2011,
from http:<//loki.stockton.edu/~intech/spotlight-digital-denizens.htm>.[1 September 2014]

Prensky, M 2001.
Digital natives, digital immigrants.
from http:<//www.marcprensky.com/writing/Prensky%20-%20Digital%20Natives,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf>.[2 September 2014]

Distract attention
A waste of time
Bad for your eyes
Use digital technology to cheat

1.The acceptance of the hierarchy
in the workplace

2. The flexibility of the workplace.

3. The loyalty to the company.

‘agree’ to ‘completely

agree’ that new technologies are addictive
feel inefficient and canno
t keep up with the
pace of life without technologies
also feel cut off from their friends and miss out on a large part of their life without technologies
‘disagree’ to ‘strongly disagree’ that new technologies put them under pressure and intimidate them
‘agree’ to ‘strongly agree’ that without technologies they cannot keep up with life
of the respondents are ‘satisfied’ to ‘completely satisfied’ with their current workplace provisions
report that advanced technologies in their workplace is important to very important
Key results:
A research shows the relationship
between digital natives and identified how the workplace
may need to change to
accommodate them
Meaning even younger generation after 1980, they was born is faced with a world of network anywhere, for them, the network is their life, digital life is their survival way since childhood.
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