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About Me

No description

George Matthias

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of About Me

I am George and my creativity is huge and unusual
I am 17 as I moved back a year but that also means I get to hit adulthood early because I can.
I have one sibling aka my sister and is almost my opposite. (for an example I love video games but Rowan dislikes them.)
My creativity like I said huge which also explains why I am easily distracted.
When I was younger about the age of 6-8 years believe it or not I was super shy but sometimes my creativity would give me ideas to play pranks on people. (e.g.- When my Dad was asleep I would put his hand in a bucket of water which would cause him to pee himself or any fizzy drinks I would give to them out of seemingly kindness I would shake it, causing drinks such as Fanta to errupt.
My Creative Media
I didn't just like video games and drawing from them but also I quite liked TV programs (not suprissing) such as...
-Transformers G1
-Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z (NOT DRAGON BALL GT because IT SUCKS!!!)
-Multiple of Marvel
-Multiple of DC etc...
Other than drawing and Games
In the past I liked to draw, often video game characters as this included characters from Play Station, Nintendo 64, Game cube, NES etc...
- icecream
-video games such as Earth Bound, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro etc...
-Sleeping and being lazy
-bad supernatural films such as Twilight (shudders)
-Non-cannon fan made films such as Dragon Ball Evolution (tries not to swear due to the fact that the creators humerized Goku and his life compleatly such as Grandpa Gohan is still alive when Goku was 18. I MEAN WHAT IN THE ACTUAL (CENSEURED)
The other part about my love of anime and video games is what there is today such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Dragon Ball Super along with brand new super saiyan transformations from the God Saga known as Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. As known to Dragon Ball Z fans that Dragon Ball Super is the rewrite of Dragon Ball GT since the majority of the people who disliked it was much more than those who thought opposite.
Other thing which I am interested in is Super
Smash Bros WiiU, yes the game has came out over half a year ago but updates such as votes to get more characters in the game as I have researched this as true. I was behind due to the fact I get at least 3 games per week. That is a lot of games to play.
Fan made Games What I think
As most Fan made games are just plain awful some existing today are actually pretty good. What makes a fan made game bad is that it doesn't fit into its own style and tries to mimic the favorites actions such as in a bad sonic skate game the graphics were bad and sound effects didn't fit in at all to sonic and not only that sonic can run faster than sound so why does he need to skate? However what make a fan made game good is if the creator follows what he/she does best when it comes to game design and must fit in to whatever he/she is doing. Like for an example Sonic.exe as that gave my sister nightmares. The back story was that since SEGA's sonic games were going down a root of being bad Sonic was technicaly dying and if he was going to die then his friends go with him so in the creepy game sonic seems to betray and kill his friends with no game play chance of escaping. Then as it seems all suck up and bad that was just the build up as a rather creepy image of a demonic sonic face jumps onto the screen saying 'I AM GOD' as if he is talking to the player and with I.T. tricks he says THE USERS NAME!!!! Great but a very sinister game.
Why Game Design
My creativity could be a good match to making games unlike Mario or Earth Bound but to start maybe with short and fun games such as Plug and Play. Entertainment games such as Goat Simulators and to then maybe make a proper game of my own which could be very similar to a combination of Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot 3/4, Kirby Super Star and even Terreria. I could even go for a similar story approach to Spyro.
I like pixel art which is where textures such as Kirby Super Star come in to as the textures are detailed with the pixels and well drawn out. It is impressive work as lots of detail and planning has to be put into it. Like for an example a fan made game called Super Mario Bros X which is a good game.
Goat Simulator - Prepare to have an epiphany.
Most legendary video game
of all time.


Sample Text
More about me
As been observed there are a lot of video game characters, memes including mlg memes and this is just because I am generally a random person. My random nature is due to my creative mind which I can randomly think of anything with little thought and effort needed.
Thanks for
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