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DIMEXON Corporate Presentation

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Jonathan Chippindale

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of DIMEXON Corporate Presentation

1976 Dimexon becomes a DTC Sightholder and receives rough diamonds from De Beers 1990 Polishing is expanded making Dimexon one of the largest manufacturers in India 2005 Jewellery manufacturing commences
from a state-of-the-art facility in China 1939 Kirtilal Mehta establishes Kirtilal's high-end jewellery retail in Coimbatore, India Dimexon sets up first 'Centre of Excellence' in India, leading to greater focus on quality through in-house control 1985 WORLD RENOWNED EXPERTISE POLISHED Manufacturing 3rd Generation Family Business Ethical Professional WIDE RANGE CONSISTENT SUPPLY REGULAR ADDED VALUE SERVICES Provider of World-Class... Dimexon is the chosen partner ... of leading diamond producers providing Dimexon with reliable, regular and consistent supply Global strength in Manufacturing provides exceptional consistency and accuracy 6,000 skilled craftsmen in India and China World-class quality control ...using advanced technologies and LEAN processes ...that won Dimexon the SAP ACE award for implementation across it's value chain And including the 1st world-wide use of RADIO FREQUENCY ID, to track diamond flow through the process, guaranteeing full product integrity DIMEXON conducts every production process in-house full client confidentiality ...ensuring ...throughout the process Regular, consistent volumes of calibrated smalls Cut to industry standard of 0.05mm Small to Medium sizes, Rounds < 99pts Large and Exceptional, all shapes to 10cts Proprietary cuts, in a variety of shapes and sizes Hearts & Arrows, Carat Plus, Triple Excellent OEM In-house products and programmes Manufacturing client's own branded product lines, that remain the client's IP ODM ...and products ranging from classic to statement to everyday wear Forward Planning Specialised service providing a high degree of supply ... and creates sophisticated Private Label branded initiatives ...along with the tools to support them Marketing Propositions
Design & Production
Visual Merchandising
PoS & Brochures
Product Training A Leader in Innovation through the highest ethical standards Best Practice Principles
Business Excellence Model Kimberley Process
Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices BUSINESS STANDARDS BPP
RJC BUSINESS ETHICS "Honesty, Integrity, Transparency" "It simply makes sense to use the enduring power of the diamond to enrich the lives and well-being of those around us". DIMEXON CSR Pledge DIMEXON makes People a Priority Champions women empowerment... 85% female workforce Supports environmental balance... 'Go Green' and Environmental Pledge Days Societal well-being and human rights... Healthcare, Education and Culture GIA Endowment Programme DIMEXON operates a full range of mobile and
on-line digital support tools... A long history of success... DIMEXON manufactures over 1.5m carats of diamonds every year ...quality endorsed by the world's GEM labs DIMEXON operates across every major market DIMEXON supports a wide range of specialised services to clients e-catalogues iPhone, iPad and Blackberry apps PRODUCER CONSUMER A client of every major mining house
FULL independently audited BPP compliance Production and supply to major brands and retailers Strategic planning, opportunity identification and delivery
Global marketing deployment DIAMOND PIPELINE Extensive global strength across the value chain A Vision for a Perfect Future DIMEXON jewellery built on a quality offer Socially Responsible & JEWELLERY Dimexon is established, becoming a diamond manufacturing and export organisation Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair BaselWorld IIJS Signature IIJS August Show Hong Kong Show, Feb, June & Sept Shenzhen Jewellery Fair Hong Kong Manufacturers Show Regular Participation in all the major Gem and Jewellery Shows... Dimexon offers a range of consistent supply and quality benefits... Future Perfect Marketing Campaign Celebrating Dimexon's commitment to innovation, skill and and integrity 1966 Approved supplier of Forevermark Diamonds
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