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CSI Session 1 & The Citadel Career Center Presentation

Resources for CSI Career Plan Lab Assignment

Page Tisdale

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of CSI Session 1 & The Citadel Career Center Presentation

"People become quite remarkable when they start thinking they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success." - Norman Vincent Peale
Brent Stewart
Page Tisdale
Career Education Coordinator
Celeste Melvin
Employee Relations Coordinator
Jennifer Wells
Associate Director/
Operations Manager
Who are we?
573 Huger Street
Outside of Sophomore Gate, on the left,
on the Citadel Stadium
Where are we?
Time is
on your side!
You have time to get prepared for any market.
You have 4 years
to set yourself
apart from others who will be
competing for the job(s) you want.
Now is your chance to get ahead of the game rather than wishing you had been more diligent!
Choosing one major or career path over another does not necessarily limit your future options.
Many students are unsure about their majors and career path when entering college. You can meet with your academic adviser to review options if you are uncertain.
Understanding interests, values, skills, and personality can help in the decision-making process.
You will be qualified to do many things and will develop many skills valued by employers.
Graduate and professional school programs do not always require a specific undergraduate major.
Do you know someone who is really unhappy in a job?
The most satisfied age group in the workforce is working retirees.

The industries with the most satisfied workers are the Healthcare and Internet industries.
Hourly based pay and lower level job titles showed the lowest employee satisfaction.

This survey showed the least happy age group was the Millennials, those under 30.

The industry that had the worst year for employee satisfaction was Financial Services.
So, what do I need to do?
Turn to page 8 in your Cit 101 Manuel
Set Goals
Dwelling on the long-term can be mind boggling.
It is hard to figure out how and where to get started.
Goal-setting is a proven method to get you where you want to go. It works for just about any endeavor.
Pick a goal that will move you to your next goal.
1. Set realistic goals – ones you can achieve in a reasonable time.
3. Work at your goals daily -don't let them slide.

Then, When you complete them, set new ones.
RESOURCES for CIT101 Assignment
Enough about US ... What about you?
What made you choose The Citadel?
What would you like to accomplish while you are here?
Why are you here?
While you are here, use your time wisely and remember...
when the going gets tough - it is really about employment in the end!
Page 83 in your Cit 101 Manuel
Why is this important now?
Has anyone talked to a parent or mentor about the job market?
Source: www.naceweb.org/2012
What are your goals?



Once a word has been used twice, you have to pick a different word!
I am the boss. I have to make a decision whether to hire you based on the one word you use to describe yourself.
What is your word?
CSI Summer Orientation
Just outside of Hagood Gate (Sophomore Gate) and
YOU CAN COME SEE US! Just use the front gate!!!
Students keeping the big picture in mind
You will feel like this at some point.
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