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Caribbean Myths and Legends

No description

Derrick Del Valle

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Caribbean Myths and Legends

He is a Senior Vooduo god that is neutral in his area of good and evil. He doesn't care. He is in charge of everything. He is considered a male, but that can change according to his preference.
He is a male spiritual being who takes in pleasure by being the spirit of the dead. Essentially he controls the dead. "Don't mess with him" is an actually saying.
He is the god of Fire, War, Iron, Politics, Blacksmiths, and Furnaces. He is apparently a good god that is quite approachable. He is a deity. He is a quite guy.
These are "Guiding God Spirits". Which literally means they like to posses people. They are lesser spirits or deities who act under Bondye. Apparently they are comparable to angels and demons... They are whatever gender and in charge of direction.
Thank you!
Caribbean Myths and Legends
Myth: a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.

Legend: a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated.
Brief Review
As you can tell these gods are kinda weird and may sound silly to us but doesn't mean wean disrespect others and their beliefs. Most gods here are interesting to study but I just gave you a quick look and very brief understanding as to their purpose in the Caribbean. Although the are more types, groups, and kinds of gods this is the group I chose.
Caribbean Myths and Legends
by: Derrick Del Valle
She is a deity in charge of fertility. She is a consort of another god who we'll talk about later. If you want to please her though, she is very fond of eggs and white chickens. She's kinda like LOA.
The feminist in every aspect of femininity that could EVER be expected. She is the goddess of love, romance, beauty, and womanhood. Has a lot going on.Apparently she also stands in for the Virgin Mary... It's said that she is always in a different mood.
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Kinda a weird god but she is one of love... :) <3 and DEATH! She is full of jokes and is super chatty while escorting you to the grave. She is also married to Baron-Samedi
He is not a nice guy.. Like to find resting places for those dead or going to be dead. He ranks high in the spirit of the dead. He's buds with Baron- Samedi
He is spirit and ranks up very high in the area of laziness. He likes to sit, "fondle" and do nothing. Although he is strangely in charge of beauty. No one likes him but his consort.
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