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The Art of Racing in the Rain

No description

rachel gipson

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain By: Garth Stein
Presented by: Rachel Gipson About The Author The Art of Racing in the Rain was the #1 BookSense selection for June, 2008, the Starbucks spring/summer 2008 book selection, and has been on the IndieBound bestseller list since its publication
Garth Stein is the Author of two novels, and has written a play. He also worked as a documentary filmmaker. Characters:

Protagonist: Enzo is the protagonist, he is a dog, who is really smart and all he wants is to be human.
"Sure, I'm stuffed into a dogs body, but that's just the shell. It's what's inside that's important. The soul. And my soul is very human" (Stein 3).
Antagonist: Maxwell and Trish, Denny's in laws are the antagonists. They blame Denny for Eve's death, and they try to take Zoe Away from Denny.
" Let her stay with us, Denny, Trish pleaded. We can work this out. I know we can work it out. Let her stay with us while the lawyers come up with some kind of compromise" (Stein 174). " And that's why she's dead, Maxwell said. What, Denny asked incredulously. This is a joke! I'm not continuing this conversation" (Stein 175). Plot Pyramid Setting: The setting is in modern day Seattle.
Inciting moment: The Inciting moment would have to be when Eve first goes to the doctor just for a check up.
Climax: Eve dies
Falling Action: Denny Fights for custody of Zoe.
The major conflict in this story is that Eve dies and Zoe is taken away from Denny.
Man vs. Man
"I'll pick you up little earlier then I usually do, Denny said when he dropped her off, he must have been scared that the twins would try and steal her again" (Stein 179).
"I didn't hide Eve from the doctors, she refused to see anyone, Denny cried out! You could have forced her, Maxwell shouted. No one could force Eve to do anything she didn't want to do, I certainly couldn't, Denny said. Maxwell clenched his fists and the tendons in his neck bulged. And That's why she's dead, he said" (Stein 174). Theme:
A major theme in this book is actually a metaphor to the title of the book. Life can be compared to race car driving.
The theme of this book is, life is about much more then speed, it's about living in the moment.
"The race is long. It is better to drive within ones self and finish the race behind the others than it is to drive to hard and crash" (Stein 29).
"This is what Denny says. He says racing is doing. It is being a part of a moment and being aware of nothing else but that moment. Reflection must come at a different time" (Stein 14). Tone: Plot Devices:
Flashback: The whole story is a flashback really. Enzo’s story begins at the end of his life, and then rewinds to the beginning and works forward again." I'm old. And while i'm capable of getting older, that's not why I want out" (Stein 2).
Foreshadowing: In the book, one of the resolutions is foreshadowed. " It is my opinion that the so-called dew claw, which is often snipped off a dog's foreleg at an early age, is actually evidence of a preemergent thumb" (Stein 19).
despair, The tone of the story has love, sadness, despair and hope. Denny's love for his family will have him do anything just so the family can be together. When Eve dies the tone immediately flips to sadness, also when the twins take Zoe from Denny. Denny is in despair toward the middle of the story when nothing is going right. No matter what happens even in a moment of doubt, Enzo always has hope in everything he does.
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