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RTNHS Alumni Tracking System

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rojan alfaro

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of RTNHS Alumni Tracking System

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Ramon Torres National High School Online Alumni Tracking System is a web-based system intended for the Alumni to communicate and be updated about RTNHS. It also contains updated information board for the Alumni that include events, career service opportunities, Alumni activity and others. The system has its own gallery for pictures. It has also lot of Alumni information regarding on their status in life where every alumni can see. This enables the Alumni to see how their classmates have been professionally. The Alumni can create their own account and be seen by their co-registered Alumni.

The administrators and users can post announcements and invitations to school events or other matters. It has its own security to protect the information and data of the Alumni only. The Alumni and the Administrator are the authorized Persons to use the system.

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The website has built-in accessibility features which ensure that the audience can experience the website regardless of the visual or other impairments. The website includes web forms enabling audience or customer to make contact to. All website forms are protected from improper data input, both in the user’s browsers and at the same time at the admin server.

The above studies are closely related to the study for both programs made of PHP and use a common tool on delivering their output to the end-user via internet connection. There are many programming languages available to Web developers and by learning languages like HTML, JAVA, ASP (Active Server Pages), JOOMLA and WORDPRESS for the front-end, MSACCESS, MySQL and MSSQL for the back-end you can create and design whatever online system you want to make, just what we did for our Online Alumni Tracking System.

As we go along with our study, we encountered such problems of Ramon Torres National High School Alumni Association which are stated below:

1. Alumni Association’s record tracking operates manually.

2. Time consuming in retrieving particular information for viewing and for maintenance purposes.

3. Unsecured file storage of alumni Information.

4. Difficulty in updating of information about Alumni Association, school activities and

5. Difficulty in finding employment records of Alumni

A University is a growing academic institution. Number of under graduates and post graduates pass out each year and play their role in the different departments of the life i.e. commerce, science, Technology and textile. Maintaining the records of these vary students is an important task. Those students who left the university after completion the master or under graduates programs are called alumni of the university.
Historical Background
Members: Kim M., Rey D., April S., Rojan A.
RTNHS Online Alumni Tracking System
The Ramon Torres National High School Main is one of the 7 functioning public secondary schools of Bago City. Located in General Luna St.,Brgy. Balingasag, Bago City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. It was founded by ex-Senator Ramon Torres whose brilliant mind gave birth to the establishment of the school at 1947.

It provides free secondary education for the people of the city and neighbouring towns with focus on secondary basic education. The current Administrator/Principal today is Mr. Fortunato M. Filomeno ranked as Principal IV. There are also 9 departments for academic and support and administrative units of the institution.

From a simple vision the school started with a population of 244 students, 124 boys and 120 girls in the school year 1947-1948.

As the school turned on its 50th year the RTNHS main has the highest enrolment with 4,619 students among all other extension schools such as Ma-ao Sugar Central National High School, Louisiana NHS, Sagasa NHS, Mailingin NHS, Taloc NHS and Dulao NHS established in 1979.

The population shows that RTNHS had grown tremendously. After 60 years or RTNHS, it is now one of the biggest schools in Western Visayas.

The RTNHS graduates or former students called as Alumni of the school is now on large quantity that’s why it is really hard to trace or track. This is the first time in history that RTNHS Alumni Association will adopt on technology as accepting our proposed system RTNHS Online Alumni Tracking System that will track and reconnect its Alumni.The current Alumni Association President is Mr. Arnel Gilongo wherein on his administration the association becomes active.

Objectives of the Project:
In consideration of the problems stated above and in giving solutions to it, stated here are the RTNHS Online Alumni Tracking System objectives:

• To develop a Web-based system beneficial for both RTNHS and its Alumni Association.

• To help the Alumni Association retrieve or track its alumni information efficiently.

• To provide more secure file storage and back up files.

• To provide a user friendly interface in updating the alumni information.

• To find employment records of alumni.

Significance of the Study

The proposed system of Online Alumni Tracking System of Ramon Torres National High School (Main) will surely contribute a fruitful, more or less stable and even a lifetime relationship with the former students. Specifically it will be beneficial to the following entities:

(Graduates of RTNHS) can renew their ties with their Alma Mater and will have to be updated about the various activities and status of the school and their fellow alumni.

will be able to monitor the participation of every activity.

Alumni Association
is one of the main stakeholders who get the benefits from the alumni system. Some of the main benefits are: fund raising, marketing, and improving standards.

(RTNHS) can renew and strengthen its relationships with the graduate students.

apply and enhance their skills. It will also make them appreciate the importance of the system.

Scope and Limitations
The Online Alumni Tracking System gives out more than just a function of a paper and encoding of Alumni’s personal data


This study focuses on the online tracking of Ramon Torres National High School graduates. This also covers RTNHS Alumni to have an online registration, user account and profile. Each registered Alumna and Alumnus has its own username and password for access and to ensure security. Alumna/Alumnus profile can be search and view by their co-Alumna/Alumnus.


This study is only limited for Ramon Torres National High School graduates and designed for those graduates that would like to submit or engage themselves to use the system. The system limits the access of the Alumni’s account when there is no internet connectivity.

As we go on explore and research on the web we find new techniques, knowledge, and even develop processes or procedures, and skills which is applied being a system’s developers. The commodities, new services in technology are very helpful and really need by man for a better fuller life which is also the concern of our system.

The ILO Thesaurus (2005) defines tracer study as an impact assessment tool where the “impact on target groups is traced back to specific elements of a project or program so that effective and ineffective project components may be identified. ” In education research the tracer study is sometimes referred to as a graduate or Alumni survey since its target group is former students.

Schomburg (2003) note that graduate surveys are popular for ”analysis of the relationship between higher education and work”. They provide quantitative structural data on employment and career, the character of work and related competencies, and information on the professional orientation and experiences of their graduates.



Data Gathering
Analysis and Design
The following are the steps followed by the developers in Waterfall Model.
Board of Directors
Vice President
Systems Development Methodology
RTNHS Alumni Association manual processes consist of informing their Alumni through tarpaulins, text messages, word of mouth and Facebook group regarding on the upcoming events/activities and on any announcements.

Regarding on Alumni Registration, the Alumni should first log in in a log book then proceed to registration area to get the registration form to fill out the necessary information and pay the registration fee.

After their homecoming event, all the gathered information will be passed on to the secretary of Alumni Association to be kept for a while and to be finalized and stored on their own storing materials like small cabinets. There is no updating and retrieving of Alumni records happened.

Alumni use pen, paper and log book for their registration and attendance, for public announcements they use tarpaulin, for disseminating information they use cellphone,internet (for Facebook group) and computer for Microsoft Excel(depends on Batch) and printer and are utilized for generating registration form of Alumni. In storing records they use filing cabinets.

Information of the project(reports)

Alumni Association creates financial report after the homecoming event and updates their financial status.

After homecoming event, the Alumni registration form and all other data is forwarded to the Person in-charged in encoding those information, this seems that this will be a time consuming and heavy work for they need to encode all the registration form of Alumni which also serves as their attendance (if prefer to use software application) but if there is none, then the Association Secretary will be the responsible person to kept the paper files.

Chapter V
Hardware Requirements


The RTNHS Online Alumni Tracking System can be executed using the minimum operating system of Microsoft Windows 7.
For Users and Admin
Alumni Members:
Register Form:
Log-in Form:

MAIN FORM for User: (MENU)
Job Openings:
Alumni List:

MAIN FORM for Admin: (MENU)
Add Members:
Change Password
VIEW Alumni List:
Job Openings:

Functional Requirements
The program has provided forms/screens for each transaction in order to organize the operations performed by the system. The first form that will appear in the automated system is the Home page form where viewers has an options what menus to navigate like Gallery, Alumni Members, Register and Log-in.

In entering list of options for alumni, the systems administrator is the main user of the application. He/she must first categorize the type of data to be encoded. All records required by the data-entry forms are all defined at the data requirements. After saving the data it will be stored to the database for later use.

The search query use to provide a quick view of data in the database. The systems administrator can also perform other functions like edit, delete, create reports and provide back-up.

Login form
- refers to the credentials required to obtain access to a computer system or other restricted area. Logging in is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by user name and password through the credentials presented by the user.

Registration Form
-needed for creating their own account.

-refers to the personal information of the Alumni through registration form.

-refers to the announcements posted by the admin.

Job Openings
-refers to the job offers posted by Admin.

Alumni List
- these are the graduates of the RTNHS.

Add Members
- function that controlled by admin to add Alumni Members to the system.

Homecoming Event Form
- this is used during homecoming events in order to know who attended and how many attended the event.

Management and support Requirements
The Management and support requirements of RTNHS online alumni tracking system are very essential for the alumni association requirements.

The following are required for the maintenance of the system:

The computer must have anti-virus software to protect it from harmful viruses that may damage the system.

In case the system encounters a problem such as suspicious viruses the system administrator must perform a regular data back-up. Preferably daily.

Computer Unit Upgrading.
Computer hardware specification must be upgraded for the system to accommodate higher consumption of disk spaces and for the continuance of usage.

User Training
. The need for training is essential for the system to function well and for the user to operate the necessary problems that will occur. Proper training enables mastery of programs functions.

Chapter VI
Use Case Diagram
Database Design
This is the main form of our system. Here you can find the home, alumni, About, log In, register menu

Graphical User interface
This is where the alumni can register if they want to be the official member of alumni

This is where the alumni can log-in if they already have registered.

This is where the user can view his profile. The user can also upload for his profile picture.

This form shows the profile of alumni where he can view and edit his data

This is where the user can change his username and password.

There is where you can see all the list of the members of alumni. The admin can print the report of alumni list.

This is where the admin can add member who is the alumni of RTNHS.

This is where the user can see the announcements if there’s an upcoming event. The admin is the one who create announcement.

This is where the admin can change the username and password
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