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Construction engineering.

No description

diego hernandez

on 20 June 2017

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Transcript of Construction engineering.

Construction engineering.
Description of career:
- A construction engineer can manage and supervise projects with in the construction industry. These projects may include building, road works and production units of services or products.
I chose this career because...
University where I can study.
Universidad del Bio Bio.
(Campus Concepción)

Universidad Catolica del Maule.
(Campus Talca)

Universidad de la Frontera.
(Campus Temuco)

Location: Campus Concepción.
Contribute to the technical aspects of construction ( construction techniques), work safety or Occupational Hazard Prevention. All the management or own processing of the construction before public bodies. Must have the handling of costs and budgets involved in the construction process.
Personality Requirements:
Have a spirit of kindness to help others.
- Should have a broad knowledge of the subject.
-Must be patient with people
-Must always motivate people
-You should always have innovative ideas.
Universidad Catolica del Maule.
NEM: 30 %.
Ranking: 20%.
Semesters: 10 of semester. (5 years)
Annual cost: $ 3.255.000
Universidad del Bio Bio
Universidad de la Frontera
NEM: 15 %.
Ranking: 25%.
Semesters: 10 of semester. (5 years)
Annual cost: $ 2.547.000
- Studies and interprets the different plans made by the civil engineer (Calculating Engineer) next to the Architect, to obtain the constructive solution that meets those specifications.
NEM: 10 %.
Ranking: 40%.
Semesters: 10 of semester. (5 years)
Annual cost: $2,658,000

- It serves the process of construction and infrastructure in all stages: planning, organization, programming, direction and supervision of the completion of such works.
Places I can work:
Material procurement analysts, construction manager, construction supervisor, field manager can also work in the construction of schools, hospitals, buildings etc.
Preferences Requirements:
-You like working with people.
"He must be dedicated, who likes to do his job well.
- Must have the capacity to lead and make decisions.
-To have a good relationship with the workers.
- Participate in the construction processes.
-1° year of graduation:

-4 year of graduation:

"I love how our country and the world are improving their infrastructure.

"I am willing to have all the patience necessary to help the workers.

-I have visited many times in the bio bio university and I love the way they work.
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