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Youth Engagement in Action

Presentation for YMCA SAM College 2012

Darren Mumford

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Youth Engagement in Action

A youth is to be
regarded with respect.
How do we know that his future will not be equal to our present?
Confucius When speaking to an audience
about his support for a YMCA
to be built in Abbotsford BC,
their previous mayor stated
if it weren't for the YMCA
he may have ended up in jail
in his youth and not
become mayor. Vision 20/20
Greater Vancouver's
strategic direction
towards 2020 Our new plan,
places young people
and families at the centre
of a community health strategy.
Helping young people grow up
healthy makes our whole
community stronger. CALL TO ACTION

This is the first generation of children and youth
who will inherit a lower life expectancy than any previous generation in human history.

Approximately 50% of people in the Lower Mainland
do not feel a strong sense of belonging in the community. Isolation, disconnection, and lack of community connections prevent people from
accessing services that could help
break this cycle. GROWTH: To extend our reach in response to the important issues facing children, youth and families. IMPACT: Demonstrate our ability to help people achieve their potential.
VALUE: Build our brand so people recognize
and invest in our work.
EXCELLENCE: Increase our capacity
to invest in our vision. Developing a healthier community
for future generations requires the
YMCA to focus on four major directions: Some Goals for Youth
Participation will grow
a minimum of 5% per year.

Demonstrate how YMCA involvement
alleviates isolation and vulnerability.
Participation by vulnerable and disadvantaged people grows from 12% to 25%

The ratio of volunteers to staff is 1:1.

We are known for exceptional volunteer
and employee engagement,
connection and commitment. See how we're doing with the 2011 Annual Report
http://www.imagineourymca.ca/ SAM 2.0 Standards and Youth

Engaged and Knowledgeable
Youth receive the support and direction they need to be successful

Opportunities to learn and Develop
Our Y has helped with the personal development of youth,
helping them learn new skills.

Building Positive Relationships
Staff provide regular encouragement and support,
listening to what youth have to say

Friendly and Welcoming
Youth feel welcome at our Y, finding staff approachable

Youth feel safe in the facility and in YMCA programs

There are ample opportunities for different youth to be engaged

Clean and Well Maintained
Youth program spaces are clean and
well maintained Goals for Session

1) Learn how the YMCA of Greater Vancouver
is working towards strategic goals for youth

2) Inspire new youth engagement ideas

3) Develop a list of people or places to see for support of future initiatives Our Story
YMCA Facility Programs
Engaging Youth Youth Leadership Development (YLD)
Cindy and Erik
- Started YLD @ 13yrs
- Went through senior leaders program
- Became YLD Advisors
- Led program plan for annual conference
- Worked and volunteered for Y into 20's Alternative Suspension
- Zack began middle school with A's but dropped to C- average
- Caught smoking marijuana, sent to AS program
- Had turrets causing facial ticks and teasing led to social isolation
- Discovered THC calmed ticks and fell in with wrong crowd
- Helped with healthy treatment and school work in program
- Took YMCA teen strength program and 2 years on
continues as a consistent member
- 2011 - Joined 9 other AS participants in Y Canada
youth exchange to Moncton Youth Night
- Rajan and Friends
- Applied for Sogo Active Grant
- Used $500 for team pinnies labeled
with countries
- Ran 8 weeks of team games at
youth night
- Wish to continue and inspired others
to run activities YMCA Youth Exchanges
- Midland, Ontario Exchange
- Focus on UN's 8 Millenium Goals
1.Eradicate poverty 2.Universal primary education
3.Promote gender equality 4.Reducing child mortality
5.Improving maternal health
6.Combat HIV and other diseases
7.Ensure environmental sustainability
8. A global partnership for development
- Fundraising dinner, Exchange activities etc all
related to 8 goals Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities
- Increasing number of staff coming from
youth program volunteering (YLD, Leagues etc)
- Zoe began with YLD and special events
- Became regular volunteer with a rec program
- Applied for part time position e.g. birthday parties
- Volunteer storyteller for Strong Kids Campaign
- Talented, experienced camp counsellor
- Mentors for younger peers Our Story with
Partner Groups Wrap and Jumpstart Academy with SD 36
http://bc.rcmp.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=73&languageId=1&contentId=8915 http://www.sd36.bc.ca/general/news/2011/jumpstart.pdf
- Wrap working with youth risking gang affiliation
- Derek's internship with day camps in 2011
- Highly recommended by staff
- Applied for and became program staff
- Supported through Fit Leadership program with several other Wrap peers
- Day camp staff for Spring and summer 2012
- Jumpstart Academy with Canadian Tire
- 23 elementary schools & 15-30 kids/program
- 45 part-time Y staff and 30 volunteers incl. Wrap
- Funding covers training (Run, Jump, Throw &
High Five) as well as staffing BEST
Youth and Community engaged and benefiting
Addresses strategic goals BETTER
Engages new participants
Addresses a need GOOD
New idea
Shows potential
Adds to program portfolio Rotary Youth Programs
- Interact 12-17yrs Rotaract 18-24yrs
- Volunteer at Community events
e.g. BC Summer Games
- AiL and RYLA Leadership Conferences
- Fundraising for food bank etc
- Support Strong Kids Campaign
- Hermosillo Trips YLD Partners
City of White Rock
- Youth Leadership Day Camps
- Opportunities for African youth
to be engaged
City of Surrey
- YLD programs at inner city
locations Other Partners Engaging Youth
Kwantlen University
- Professor assisting with evaluation of youth
- Varsity athletes provide clinics for Y sports leagues
- YMCA youth participate in research projects
Semiahmoo House
- Run game nights for youth with have special needs
Youth Organisations
- Free the Children - WE Day
- Duke of Edinburgh Awards
- Speaking Rights - Human Rights toolkit
http://equitas.org/ Discuss and take notes on the following

- Thoughts on the youth
engagement activities presented

- Activities or programs you have in your

- Ideas for building on your current
youth engagement strategy Everyone write a number
between 1 and 30

Person closest to number I say
to present back - panel format Discuss and take notes on the following

- Thoughts on the youth partnerships

- Youth partnerships you have in your

- Ideas for building on or developing
new partnerships Everyone (except the last presenters) write a number
between 1 and 30

Person closest to number I say
to present back - panel format The Big Question

What do Youth Think? a short video from the experts What thoughts went
through your head as
you were watching? SUCCESSES Deliberate succession plan for youth staff – (mentoring Jethro for 4 years) Beginning to mentor several youth such as Katrina Sekhon to take over Diverse group of volunteers for youth programs – younger, older, male, female, different cultures, personalities & interests – led to far more diverse group of participants Focus on engaging youth in volunteer opportunities (have more committed and trained volunteers for recreation programs than any time in past) Quality Resources
-YLC Manual from Toronto Y based on HAD,
-Speaking Rights manual and training sessions (Equitas)
-Power Play manual and facilitator training
www.possibilitiestraining.com Building valuable partnerships –
Rotary youth programs, School District,
City Recreation Centres etc Engaging youth in meaningful activities e.g. Youth Night Out for Fundraising as opposed to cake stands Providing a variety of program options for diverse group of participants Asking youth participants to be involved in process earlier on e.g. younger frontline staff invited to planning session for new drop-in rec programs OPPORTUNITIES Established logic model to provide clear direction forward and make "Best" decisions Well researched and consistently used qualitative and quantitative evaluations based on SAM 2.0 youth standards Clear plan for providing tangible value and recognition from every program, e.g. certifications, reference letters from staff and community leaders, family events etc Further engagement of youth in philanthropy – Strong Kids Campaign storytellers, Grant writing etc Greater focus on engaging youth in physical activity – e.g. youth becoming group fitness instructors for peers Sharing and supporting successful ideas across the whole association -
Co-dependent Increased opportunities to engage struggling youth - “at potential” Finding balance and focusing on the "Best" to ensure programs are sustainable and growing Work with communications team for promotional opportunities e.g. calling local newspapers and radio when participating in or leading a community event Engage other departments in Youth Interactions (e.g. at TLFYF membership, fitness, aquatics and programs staff are
volunteer advisors for YLD) Thank you

Joanne Wong - Apricity Productions
Interviewees- Katrina, Jethro, Manreet,
Brad, Derek, Michelle

Andrew Wales - "Little Things"

Rebecca Herokah - "WALLZ"

The many youth who have positively impacted
us and our communities De-brief

Voting on fingers from 1-10

I gained some useful insights/ideas?

I feel confident about engaging youth from my community in meaningful ways?

I believe all youth in my community
have potential?

This presentation was a useful
way to spend 1.5 hrs?
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