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Save the Earth with Shirts - Canvas My Campus - Western Illinois University

No description

Josh Peters

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Save the Earth with Shirts - Canvas My Campus - Western Illinois University

The Team
Save the Earth with Shirts
More Bottles More Problems
Our Story
Who Potentially Loses?
The Earth
Blair's Family/ Other Garbage Facilities
Society as a whole
T-Shirt Manufacturer
Existing T Shirt Companies
Recycling Companies
Less Trash
Free Shirts
Lack of Participation
Plastic Contains
Dangerous Chemicals
Will You Help Us Save the Earth
With Shirts?
Josh Peters
Nick Raschke
Blair Williams
The increasing costs of dumping plastic bottles was bankrupting the business, which had been in the family for over 100 years
Murrell's Dilemma
The increasing costs to dump in landfills is putting our small, five generation business at risk of shutting down. By eliminating the amount of plastic we typically would pick up, we now have more room to pick up additional garbage. This eliminates the amount of time to separate the recyclable from the actual garbage.
Benefits to the Earth
Less Trash

Reduce carbon foot print
Benefits to WIU
Encourage others schools to recycle

Less Trash

Free T-Shirts

The Process
We will set up recycle bins specifically for PETE #1 plastic products. These will be picked up by a recycling partner of our choice, who will convert the plastic bottles into PET Flakes. The PET Flakes are used to create polyester fibers, which are used for fabric products, T-shirts. The T-shirt manufacturer will send each school free T-shirts based on the amount of plastic they collect.
Western Illinois University
Meet Nick Raschke
Meet Josh Peters
I am from St. Charles, IL. I am a senior at Western Illinois University. I'm a Management major and when I graduate I hope to achieve my dream of owning and operating my own business.
Meet Blair Williams
I am from Decatur, Illinois. I am a Supply Chain Management major at Western Illinois University. After graduation, I hope to help my father run our family disposal company and eventually own my own trucking company.
Here's How It Works!
Universities collect plastic

Plastic will be collected once a month and sent to the partner T-shirt manufacturer

The T-shirt manufacturer will send a portion of the T-shirts produced to the University's based on their contribution

The university's will be able to use the free T-shirts at their own discretion
I am currently a senior Business Management major at Western Illinois University. Upon graduation, I plan to expand my current retail paintball business into a brick-and-mortar store.

I have been intrigued by the idea of converting plastic into T-shirts for a few years now, and plan to incorporate this idea into my company.
The Numbers
19 PET Bottles = 1 XL T-shirt
25 PET Bottles = 1 Sweater
114 PET Milk Jugs = 1 Sleeping Bag
19 PET Bottles = 1 Square of Carpet
14 PET Bottles = 1 Ski Jacket
54% of PET is used to manufacture
fiber for carpet and clothing
100% of PET is recyclable
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