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My Leadership Profile

No description

Luis Ramirez

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of My Leadership Profile

"My Leadership Profile"
Luis F. Ramirez

Mission Statement
I am committed to serving people in achieving personal growth by inspiring them through my knowledge and experiences I have acquired throughout my journey in life. I strongly believe everyone is capable to develop leadership skills so we can lead by example our future generations.
Vision Statement
To transform many peoples mindset of being leaders to empower others and young generations to come so that we can create a better society and world.

Quizzes Results
My Leadership Legacy
Strengths and Areas to Develop
My Leadership Style
I believe I am a participative leader because I like sharing decision making and working with them side by side. I rely my leadership style based on my personal experiences as well as on my recent leadership quizzes' results.
Personal Inspirational Quote
Job Resume
Leadership Experiences
Job Resume
According to my quizzes scores and findings during this class learning process I found the following feedback:

I have a high readiness for the leadership role.
I own moderate or average self-confidence, thus I have to work on this area because leadership requires high self-confidence.
I am emotionally expressive so I can take advantage of it to express my teamwork their achievements as well as to encourage them.
My Style of leadership is most likely to be a Participative Leader.
My relationship-Oriented Attitudes and Behaviors are of being a servant leader because I tend to: place service before self-interest, listen first to express confidence in others, inspire trust by being trustworthy, lend a hand, and provide emotional healing.
My leadership legacy will be established through mi vision, which I will achieve by unstoppably developing my leadership skills and working hard at leading, inspiring, and encouraging every person who surrounds me.
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