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Organizing Events with Google

A comprehensive event planning guide to Gmail, GoogleDocs, GoogleCalendar, & more!

Program Board

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Organizing Events with Google

Student Event Planning & Marketing
Best Practices
Thank you for joining us!
The University & Google have teamed up to offer all U members Google Apps.
Google Apps for Education
There are many included features:
Search function
Contacts & tasks
Inbox styles
Labels & folders
Google Apps (Drive, Calendar, etc...)
Collaborate on docs with anyone, anywhere
Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, & forms
Great for creating agendas
Documents are easy to share without allowing access to edit
Goes by many names around SUA:
Google Calendar, GoogleCal, GCal
Ability to view multiple calendars at once
Scheduling meetings is easy!
Send invitations to their inbox & watch the RSVPs come in
Create personal or group calendars
Google Drive
Google Cal
Color coding
Privacy settings
See event details vs. free/busy
Creating events:
Meetings, classes, social gatherings
Date, time, location, descriptions, & guests
GCal 1001
Organizing events with Google Apps
Everyone needs access to the same system
Rules & Expectations must be clearly established
Practice makes perfect
Research & be open to feedback
Explaining the purpose & history makes life easier
Set goals
Program Board Google Site
Some committees have their own sites
Houses useful information that you can access from any computer
i.e., Forms & Contracts
Video chats with multiple people
Useful when some people can't get together for meetings, interviews, etc.
Google Sites & Hangouts
Outreach Coordinator
Meet Matt
Programs Coordinator
Meet Ashley
- 5th year senior
- Psychology Major
- Applying to graduate programs for higher education student affairs
- 3rd year with the Board
- Hobbies & Interests:
- Baking, snowboarding, biking, photography, blogging, & more!
How we function
The Student Unions & Activities Program Board
- 4 student coordinators
- 4 committees all staffed by students
- Gophers After Dark
- St. Paul Programs
- Visual Arts
- Whole Music Club
- Gamerooms managers sit on the Board
- Team of staff advisors
- Marketing Department
- Plans Homecoming & Spring Jam as one unit
- Recently restructured
- Sponsorship generation
- Program Board Rep. to Grants Committee & Board of Governors
- Lead hiring process for chairs
- Facilitate weekly Board meetings
- Creation & maintenance of Master Calendar
Programs Coordinator
Outreach Coordinator
- Went from 7 committees 2 years ago to the current 4
- In the past there was a separate Homecoming Committee & Spring Jam events were 1 committee's responsibility.
- Coordinators paid hourly (not stipend)
- Increased the summer work requirements
- Decreased frequency of programming to focus on larger events
Recent Restructure
Students? Staff?
On Gmail?
Tech Savvy?
Communication struggles?
Who is in the room?
Our relationship with Google
Gmail Overview: Complete organization
Google Calendar: Cures conflicting schedules migraines
Google Drive: Quick & easy info sharing
Google Resources to consider
Additional online tools to take advantage of
Q & A
Feel free to ask questions as we go!
Master Calendar
This presentation
Free public option & Online
Can share with anyone
Online polling
Easily find times for meetings
After hours, special gatherings
Prezi & Doodle
Allows us to see all of our events in one place
Each event includes an event form in the description
Added local & University events that may affect attendance
Includes events & themes that we can base events off of
Examples include:
Arts & Health month
Olympics, March Madness, Superbowl, etc..
Includes room reservations
Goal: stop planning overlapping events
Reduce frequency of events to increase size of events.
- Junior
- Chemistry & Art History Double Major
- 2nd year with the Board
- Hobbies & Interests:
- Runner, Swimmer, artist, & love cooking!
- Volunteer Coordinator for Large Events
- Student to student Communication
- Student Group Partnerships
- Liaison to community outside the University & greek community
- Other Tasks
900 volunteer names recruited
- Down to 300 names
-250 Volunteers Final Number
Volunteer Friendly
Homecoming 2012
Volunteers with Google
-Signed up on Google Spreadsheet for all events
-Got separate emails for each event afterward
*Copy and Pasted emails to invitations
*Notified via Invite
(Hidden guest list)
*Updates could be sent with actual event
-Reduced emails:
*Knew where to find event info (Gcal)
-Teaching them our system
Q & A ?
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